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While this book is the oldest of all of these, it is very approachable. Great for beginners!
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This book is also very approachable and great for beginners. Plus, it’s free!
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Another great book. I’d categorize this one as intermediate. If you have some programming experience, this is a great book with which to begin. Chapter 2 is a bit advanced, as is chapter 7. Consider reading those two chapters last!
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A fantastic book, very thorough, but more advanced. Purchase this with one of the other two books above so that you can get different perspectives on the same concept.
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Another great training and additional Resources ( )

How to build web apps with golang – presented to GDG Fresno


Matthew Harwood says: +Todd McLeod  please upgrade that terminal lol

Emmanuel Bourmault says:

Very nice Tutorial!
But it’s quite painful to see you struggling with Git Branch like that, you know that in webstorm you just need to enable the Version Control to Git and you will have on the bottom right all the branch that you switch in 2-3 clicks!

El Coding says:

The CSS was not loading for me, because the content type string is wrong.
Instead of: w.Header().Add(“Content Type”, contentType)
It must be: w.Header().Add(“Content-Type”, contentType). The “-” was missing. After changing that Chrome loaded the .css file successfully for me. Cheers

Paul Yeboah says:

good video, except modern OSX sucks compared to windows 7!

Mohammad Tsalis says:

do u guys know how to display the MIME type in Chrome inspect element?
in my chrome it only displays document / stylesheet / script

Stephen Davies says:

One day, ill find a tutorial that doesnt immediatley ask me to download pre written code!

Stove Chan says:

Just being pedantic but you say it is a fast language… A language is like a mathematical construct it’s not fast or slow. What you mean to say is that it’s implementation happens to be fast. One could actually build a fast Java implementation, the language is not slow, it’s the practical implementation that we currently have on hand that is slow (by Sun bloatware). It’s important to distinguish physical practical implementation from the theory (language) itself. Everyone thinks that Java is a slow language, or that HTML is slow, or javascript is slow… it’s not the language that is slow…. give a person 1000 years on the project, and a Javascript implementation could be as fast as assembly code or machine code, or almost as fast. Languages aren’t fast or slow, they are just math. The physical implementation is slow. Once upon a time we thought array indexes were slow, so we used pointers… nowadays arrays are fast… it’s not the array mathematical construct that is slow, it’s the physical implementation. Computer chips can be changed so that certain language constructs all of a sudden become super fast that were slow back in the 1970’s. easier said than done, however they indeed have improved array indexing speed …

Duy Nguyễn says:

11:20 and GO its about 864 time faster than PHP, am I confused there ?

Sachin Jijo says:

thank u so mch fr this vid 🙂

Phạm Ngọc Sình says:

thank a million that i need

Bala Chandran says:

Though the maker of the video didn’t have much justifications to embrace “GO” , this will be the future where development tools and web platform take advantage of multi core processors and parallel programming paradigms, Micro service architecture require technologies that don’t have many onions to peel and run on its own space in a micro environment.

Zhongjian Ho says:

you github url ?

Dinomode says:

Great presentation, thanks.

PetarDambovaliev says:

Building backend with javascript is like driving with your feet.
Yes, you can do it but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

leknyzma says:

why don’t you like windows so much?

Rex Ryan says:

I loled so hard at 1:02:00 when you showed the one liner for everything you took an hour to explain!

Uwaifo says:

i cant seem to find your code as demonstrated

David Estrada says:

I’am so confused, because i don’t know what backend languaje learn for 2017. Some people say, that php are slow and has passed out, and node.js has no that power or big suport. I want some advise from an expert in the field, what language should i learn for backend. Php-Laravel, Python-Django, RoR, Go, Scala, Node.js-Express, .Net, java. What do you think?, what language has the most power, future and great suport and comunity. Thanks.

Simon Gausmann says:

thx man!

Rey Anthony Renacia says:

Did you manage to play the video?>

OldTubeGaming says:

+Todd McLeod Mc where did she get the list of companies using golang?

as far as I know square has C,Java, Ruby, etc. but no GO. CouchDB is written in Erlang. MongoDB is C++, etc.

Nahid Akbar says:

you lost me at “template”. so out of date.

Shahrukh Web Design says:

I have been working with PHP for a while now. i want to know what is the main reason of moving to go for web development?

MauricioMartinez0707 says:

Cool guy teaching cool things, man i wish you were a professor at my university

Skukz says:

Please learn git ffs

Ethan Garnier says:

Have you ever considered developing a desktop application in go? Or is web dev strictly your thing?

Saddan Fahrukh Umair says:

I would like to integrate this video to my my blog can it possible?
my blog is:

Jerome Chan says:

Won’t it be clearer to use switch – case to return the type of the file being served?

switch {
    case strings.HasSuffix(path,”.css”):
        contentType = “text/css”
        contentType = “text/plain”

Ribeiro.Itamar says:

I made a comparison with Python and decided to learn Go.

Just Ignite says:

I love the shouting.. it helps me stay focus.. Got to Go!

Gabriel Gunze says:

The CSS-Load is “Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/plain:”

Rhett Del Fierro says:

This was very helpful, thanks. I ended up enrolling in the udemy course as well and bought two of those books you have linked. Are there any great resources you can recommend regarding MVC with Go?

Snapchat Dotcom says:

Django is better

Matthew Bradberry says:

Why do you add and commit before switching branches? You weren’t making any changes…

Scott Detweiler says:

this was excellent. however, I am also donating cash to charity whenever you say, “ya-know”. 😉

eriel marimon says:

On branch 06 neither chrome or firefox load the css for me. on the developer tools under Type it says stylesheet, document or script but not text/ . Anyone else with this issue?

Keyser Soze says:

864 times faster than PHP? I would understand 20-50 times faster, but 864 times faster? Is that even true?

Eric Riner says:

Dude! Great tutorial. Thanks so much.

Mark Riggins says:

This feels like going backwards. Essentially this is the same thing as Java Servlets back in 1996

纪天 says:


Leonardo Culjak says:

nice job. what ide are you using on this video ?

Matthew Shaffer says:

If you could stop zooming in and out every 5 seconds that’d be great

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