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An introduction to Concurrency in Go. The code is available on GitHub


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Maxamed Daahir says:

8:49 golang hasn’t solved the halting problem

N 7 says:

Nice thanks Jake
My board exams of class 10 is from 6 th march….

John Public says:

very good jake twat. i like this one, not a casey neistits wanna be video.

José RF Junior says:

I’ve always worked on Java doing API and web / mobile / desktop work, but I see that GO is much faster, do you know of any comparative case between GO and the other languages regarding REST API and performance?

Chifang Jang says:


Hulla Baloon says:

Have you checked memebridge recently? I believe that you have become a living meme of cambridge

Kyle Cotton says:

Hi Jake, what is the advantage of using a text editor and terminal over an IDE. Thanks brilliant video by the way.

MunkyChunk says:

Hi Jake! I’m a huge fan of your content, and an avid Computer Scientist in year 12!! I’m currently working on a personal project that involves some front-end (HTML and CSS) and back-end web development. I’ll be using Flask in Python for the back-end along with database resources such as Digital Ocean/Scaleway, but was wondering if you’d have any tips on how to include JavaScript and what it would be good for? The question is, essentially: I’m very confident with Python, but not so much with JavaScript. I’m not sure how to organise my files for such a project and how to link Python with JavaScript and front-and HTML and CSS. Linking the Python Flask framework with the front-end HTML I totally understand, but how would I also incorporate JavaScript for things such as sort-by algorithms (if the user wanted to sort data by clicking something in the HTML interface), and what’s a good resource to learn file organisation from? It’s totally fine if you can’t get back to me or don’t get the jist of what I’m trying to ask for, as I’m always doing research anyway and furthering my understanding every day! I hope to follow in your footsteps one day 🙂 Best Regards, Rob.

Andy Goldsworthy says:

Why do I watch these? I know nothing about coding

StyleTrick says:

Great video Jake, very informative =)!

Chethan says:

Extremely curious about your job search.

glennismade says:

Oh Concurrency, you evil mistress. How do I hate concurrency concepts.. hahahah TBF, Go does make things a ton easier than Java’s terrible util.concurrent library. Which is always nice. Although, having had CSP forced into my brain by my university during my undergrad, I developed a distaste for concurrency. eghghghgh…

Nice video Jake.

Fire 1000 says:

What is go?

ziranshu Zhang says:

Is this the same as opening several threads in other programming language? Or there are essential differences?

Red says:

Excellent tutorial. Your are amazing at this. This and your docker tutorial are amazing. Have you ever thought of about doing tech evangelism?!

Kanishka Dilshan says:

Very informative and easy to understand! Great demonstration!!!

Leonardo Cope says:

How do you type and switch lines so fast?

XjwsXgaming says:

Sorry off topic question, how did you revise for A level computing?

Anugrah Vijay says:

Brilliant! Succinct and complete.

Patrick Corrigan says:

What a great video. Very well explained. Make more Jake.

i only play nude says:

Really nice video! One of the best explanations

izzzzzzza says:

Hey Jake, great video. Actually I have recently started experimenting with go language though I am a bit discouraged because there aren’t many golang job offers in my country right now (I live in Poland). However, the language is great. I am curious if you’ve been using golang in your recent/previous jobs. Currently, I code commercially in Java, although I am becoming reeeeally tired of the corporate environment, so I am willing to make a switch to a different tech stack.

MrChelotta says:

Please make more! ;D

sabr says:

This video also demonstrates that no one purchases the official license of so glorious Sublime Text Editor 3. (top-right corner)

derik yolk says:

Yay another one!

Leanne Mitchell says:

Well done!

Fahad Ayaz says:

I’ve probably missed it somewhere but what IDE is this?

gar par says:

load of errors in this…

5850terry says:

Jake should get his masters degree and teach.

Perspectologist says:

Great tutorial. Very well explained. You should see if you can do something with the Computerphile channel. There may be potential for a good collaboration there.

ui_wizard says:


Suraj Kolekar says:

love from india #jake wright
great video

LB767 says:

Having never looked at Go, this seems infinitely better than all this async-await nonsense I’ve had to deal with in other languages…

DrExpresso says:

Do a java tutorial

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