Get Started with Go

Go is a new, fun, productive language developed by Google and the open source community. Get a feel for the language and its standard libraries and tools in this session, where we go through installing Go and writing some simple but useful programs.


Joe Surf says:

For MacOS, why not just “brew install go”?

Marty Glaubitz says:

i love how the gopher is gazing over the top of his macbook 😀

asdf072xxp says:

I’m loving this language. One day from tutorials to a working websocket solution. Nothing about the language is less than refreshing.

zippoxer says:

“Go is not targeted at user interface application” – wrong – Go is targeted at the most popular type of UI applications today – web servers. The only needed desktop application is already developed – the browser. Oh, and uTorrent.

lcardinali64 says:

Neat sintax, puntuaction at a bare minimum quick to digit Seems good for prototypes and for gluing slices of machines/applications, a good server tool. If scale fine prototype could be final step I’m not sure if is compiled also and if is possible link to modules from other languages(?)

Sushi says:

Beautiful language

Letmecode Front-end says:

Am I the only one who thinks the tutorial was chaotic in that it was hard to follow which part of which function actually went into which file and folder? How about a link to the files or at least to the files that were shown instead of the actual code in the editor? I want to be able to concentrate on code and composition, not on having to puzzle everything together and guess the right folders afterwards. “Tutorials” like this are confusing at best and are thus merely a waste of time.

Michael Hendrickx says:

“power of java ,with simplicity of c . ”
Regardless of Java’s sandbox and the cryptic syntax of C?

Paulius Ratkevičius says:

prepare for shitload of dislikes

Ratan Kumar says:

Combined Best of all existing programming language , power of java ,with simplicity of c .

Zack Casey Classic says:

“Go is not targeted at user interface applications (no UI library except some GTK bindings).”

Go is a general purpose programming language. Just because it doesn’t have a default UI library doesn’t mean it wasn’t designed for graphical applications.

Bishwanath Jha says:

Can i use go language to create any web application(creating my blog) and If there is any good framework available with MVC support. i see some framework like #revel, #beego 

Azhar uddin says:

The syntax looks so damm awkward.. whats the point in creating languages that confuses on the very first look..

YoLninYo says:

Ruby/Rails retards. Please STFU. No one needs your useless negativity.

John Weng says:

how can i create hello.go file? and where will i save it?

Levi Cook says:

Nice intro.. For anyone not impressed with go after *just* this one video, stick with it/dig deeper. This is only an intro., not an argument for altering your world. Put another way, you’re not even scratching the surface on this programming system yet.

Robert Burke says:

I can’t be the only one who scrolled the video so you couldn’t see Andrew’s face, only the Gopher peeking it’s head over the monitor.

I like how little “magic” there is. The language makes few assumptions for you. Also: stupid fast on all counts, writing, compiling, and running.

Frank Lhota says:

The Go language have some really interesting features, but AFAICT the language does not have anything like exceptions. Does Go have the equivalent of exceptions, or plans to add it in the future? If not, this seems like a deal killer.

零五 says:


omniambience says:

Rob Pike apparently invented Squeak to build a GUI toolkit so it appears not too far-fetched that one could expect to see a GUI package for Go in the future – with Go concurrency primitives in mind.

luzon83 says:

You already used an actual Go program developed by Google by looking at this YouTube video. The Vitess project for scaling MySQL databases for YouTube is written in Go.

WRT Chromium port: Go is not targeted at user interface applications (no UI library except some GTK bindings).

dandymcgee says:

None of these videos answer the only important question: Why should I use Go over one of the other infinitely more widespread languages? What problem does it solve that Javascript, Python, Ruby, C/++, etc. don’t handle well?

Chetan Sachdev says:

I have a question on GOPATH variable. If I am working on multiple go projects, do I need to update GOPATH variable everytime or it can take multiple project paths??

Gerardo Belot says:

it´s intresting, its me or is very alike node.js ???
well, for now I´ll take python, then let see…

Lazic B. says:

Which one of them is? Ok my bad.. I forgot Visual Basic, FoxPro and other shitty programming langs. similar to them.

Yann Bane says:

I’ll stick to Javascript, Python, and C++, thanks. No need for this.

Chloroform Cowboy says:

A much better 3-year old tutorial than I expected. Kind of perfect, actually, as a brief introduction to the language, as it contains just the right mix of everything (and, remarkably, I also doubt that it has become out of date in the 3 years since produced). I love that it covers such a relevant, non-banal task as the choice for the sample program, and am drawn to way that it was able to be coded rather simply with just the core language.

The language’s aesthetics feel like they might take some getting used to, but they could be much worse; so if golang has something compelling to offer over alternatives… who knows, I might become a supporter.


Sandeep Kumar says:

Liked function returning more than one values. At first syntax are confusing but it will be handy as we get in to in.

Sri Kadimisetty says:

yes and kindof yes.

kevin r says:

Excellent GO tutorial (also, motivated to strengthen my command-line skills while working along with lesson) thanks 

luzon83 says:

You’re right. I should have written “desktop applications”. Go seems to be very popular amongst cloud service providers (Heroku, CloudFlare, SoundCloud, Canonical, …).

Jamal Ahmed says:

i have problem with installation lang can u teach me how can i do that

storm14k says:

If you want ti stick with your language that’s nice. Go comment on a video about it instead. This looks great for writing services and has some features the scripting languages don’t. Yet takes way less setup and hassle than something like java.

Baldwin Visagie says:

wtf are you typing in?

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