Go: An Introduction

An introduction to the Go programming language. Deck was created for and targeted at a lunch and learn for developers at Blackstone Media (http://www.blackstonemedia.com/) and StarkNine (http://www.starknine.com/) in Louisville, KY.

Referenced Links:
– https://github.com/slogsdon/b (for code walkthrough)
– http://golang.org/
– http://tour.golang.org/
– http://godoc.org/

Slides available at https://speakerdeck.com/slogsdon/go-an-introduction


Naoki Paul says:

nice one.

The MoQingbird says:

The facecam adds nothing to this presentation; it only detracts from it by covering the code in the bottom corner of the slides

Anirudh Vyas says:

too many commercials – if i start a video (same video) about 10 times – I don’t deserve to get 10 different adds before it starts; this needs to be fixed.

Thanish Muhammed says:

Thanks a lot

El Canal de Shackra says:


I would like to ask: How do you customized your terminal prompt to look like that? Specially those separators and the “branch” arrow!

Chris Flynn says:

Good times!

Compufreak says:

Thanks for this awesome starting point for our upcoming journey with Go 🙂

kaylitadad says:

Nice.  Good job.  Thanks.

vegaskidd says:

These Egyptian curly braces is killing my OCD…..ahhhhhhhh….lol 

Jamal Martin says:

Video tutorials on step by step instructions for installing go on pc are necessary. So far, information is disjointed and relatively inadequate. For example, I receive GOPATH errors at times when trying to execute certain commands in the git terminal. From following the instructions in the go manual I still found myself in difficulty when trying to execute the Tetris game included as a test to verify proper install. I haven’t been able to solve that problem to date.

Please help. I’m fairly a newbie to programming. Need all the help I can get. I’m using windows 7 operating system.

Thank you.

Tohid Tamboli says:

Loved It!!!

Mustapha Manjoura says:

Can you share the schema of the Blog dB please.

MrChoudhury says:

13:45 “No Java” moment was bit interesting (Java felt left out) 😀

Chavez3d says:


Tom Maffia says:

Great presentation 

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