Go / Golang Crash Course

In this crash course we will get started with the Go programming language. There is no prior knowledge of Go required. We will setup a workspace and look at fundamentals like variables, slices, conditionals, maps, structs and more

Workspace – 1:35
Hello World – 7:37
Variable & Types – 11:18
Packages – 21:43
Functions – 26:25
Arrays / Slices – 29:35
Conditionals – 35:15
Loops – 41:30
Maps – 47:27
Range – 0:53:25
Pointers – 1:01:23
Closures – 1:06:48
Structs – 1:10:54
Interfaces – 1:26:53
Web – 1:33:29

Sponsor: DevMountain Bootcamp

https://github.com/bradtraversy/go_crash_course (I plan on tidying the code up later)


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Never clicked so faaaaaaast

Harley Burton says:

I may get mobbed for saying it, but if you did a good Golang for web series on Udemy it would be the only good one there. Currently there is one done by a guy who seems to be really good with the technology, but a horrible teaching style, and a few where people are just fumbling through them or incorporating 10 different frameworks, so that they can’t possibly cover everything in detail. If someone did a Golang-web series with nothing but the Gorilla web toolkit (which should be all most projects need), on par with your MERN course, I bet it would do very well. I know I would buy it.

TheDelneg says:

I made it to the end 😉 (though not in 1 go)

Vikram Rawat says:

Create one for go buffalo if possible. It’s raining momentum these days and no one have a good for beginners tutorial.

Alessandro says:

Thank you Brad!! Please do more with Go on concurrency , multithreading and multiprocessing

Isfhan Ahmed says:

please teach how to use php Session Upload Progress and make a progress bar

Awais Raza says:

woww another bang <3

Thomas Chirwa says:

I quit college coz of this guy back in 2016…I was tired of “Hello world”

Edwin Ifionu says:

Another great video Brad. Never stop. You’re one of the main reasons I now own a digital agency. Thanks

hub strangers says:

Thank you, microservices and expandable “Framework” would be a good content here.

Sriramajeyam Sugumaran says:

To be honest, liked the video even before watching the content. That’s the confidence you built with your previous videos. Thanks Brad for the quality of the contents you are producing.

Some 0ne says:

I really like the net/http module, it’s f*cking great!!!

szach gr says:

awesome video. Thank you Brad for your work ! keep going

toan le says:

I wish you have a full project building course, i’m php and nodejs developer, would like to building a web app with golang,

Prakash Vishwakarma says:

You’re awesome 🙂 I’m halfway through this video and already got a hang of it. Thanks Brad (y) Cheers!

Victor Mongi says:

Thank you Brad, are you going to continue this amazing lecture?… You are great teacher… Thank you…

monkeycoderz says:

Yeahhhh good timing lol. I vote micro services lol

Matteo Barbieri says:

thanks Brad,
simple as usual (maybe too long for a single video)
Can’t wait for more Go…

Jamie Hicks says:

Just a tip for anyone using zsh, need to export Go path in zshrc export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin

Suprince Shakya says:

more sensei more on golang

Justina Tembo says:

traversy dude great work u doing, i recently completed watchin your laravel tutorials, and i have learnt alot and am currently working on a project of own, am stuck somewhere and was wondering if you could assist me, my email is stephen187tembo@gmail.com, am from zambia.

Pablo Mendez says:

Men, you are really awesome. Thanks for your time to share this. I really appreciate it

MrScrosb says:

This is a strange compromise between javascript and java developers.

RageBasterd says:

vscode pro tip:
you can create a folder and a file if you add a / before the file name
so instead of creating the folder of ’01_hello” and then creating ‘main.go’ file
you can press create file and write `01_hello/main.go’

kevin zhang says:

Hi Brad: Thanks for offering this … Coincidentally, I also plan to have a taste of Go/Golang after I completed python in couple of weeks. When I see “pointer” data type in it, I am getting very thrilled … I had done tons of C programming in my first career … Pointer and “Pointer of Pointer” are the best useful data type I used in C programming … Given Go is based on C, Pointer in Go is natural fit for high performance programming … I will watched this again by coding along with you in couple of weeks. Your channel starts offering many different technology spectrum beside web development (which the root of this channel): Machine Learning via Javascript (e.g. brain.js), go/golang, Python/Django. Whenever I plan to learn anything new, I will immediately search your tube and 90% of time I will find a related crash course to jump start. Thank you again!

robert chingambu says:

You’re a nerd…

Cole Phillips says:

Anyone have any ideas for some beginner projects using golang?

Andrew Odiit says:

You should make a course of restful web services in golang.

Awais Raza says:

Complete Python full stack plzzzzzz

Andrew Stanton says:

Brad (dont know if you will read this) but love the content and hard work you do making the videos. Sat thru the whole video

Turki Othman says:

Honestly, you are the best. I learned a lot from you. So grateful for your great work. Thank you very much Brad Traversy

juj1988 says:

Thanks Brad . This is perfect attempt for go overview.. I was reading few blogs here and there . Your video cleared up go syntax things in an orderly fashion..

If you plan to cover more, pls teach us to write idiomatic go code so that developers can make use in their work..

Thanks a lot Brad . As always you made our day..

Tsigie Kumssa says:

Thanks Brad! I hope you create course in “GO” language soon please. I would like to buy it. I would like to learn it. You are awesome as usual.

Ogi - My Landing Casts says:

Sir make this full course in udemy, make real project, i will buy the course then…

Primal Fear says:

I don’t know how to thank you for such great videos

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