Go Programming for absolute beginners

A redo of the first lesson in the series teaching programming through the programming language called Go


Story Feet says:

This is meant to be for absolute beginners to programming. So I make a point of showing how you don’t need anything fancy.

It’s turned out to be suprisingly hard not to leave some gap that I think of as obvious, so I’m trying to explain everything I do. As the lessons go, I do less of the keyboard stuff, and focus more on algorithms.

Hope that helps.

Vikram Rawat says:

thanks you very much

I have no knowledge of programming at all. never ever programmed. But every website and course assume that I do…

I just wanted to learn how to programme with an easy but faster language so I had 2 choices go and python.

I liked GO…

and I just started watching your videos… and thanks to you I was able to install the software I had problem installing past 2 days….

Please keep up the good work….

Thanks again…. Just make sure you keep it absolutely simple

Ishan praveen says:

please help me
After i type go run lesson1.go on the command prompt it tells me ‘go’ is not recognised as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file

Story Feet says:


Might help, if not try the main pages on the site. Make sure you have something pointing to golang in your path.

TwistersSK8 says:

Thank you so much, man. Keep going, it’s helping us.

Ishan praveen says:

what should i do????

Mark Twigg says:

I appreciate your efforts in putting these together but I’m left really confused. you say go lang expects a certain level of computer knowledge to use and you’re absolutely right, it’s not that easy for beginners to get started with but then you go on and explain where keys are on the keyboard and how to open note pad, hardly the stuff of advanced computer users

Ishan praveen says:

i have done the same thing as you have done.I am using windows 8

TwistersSK8 says:

What happened when you wrote “import ( “fmt” ) “? I didn’t understand. (Sorry about my English, I’m Brazilian)

Vince Wang says:

Great tutorial.

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