Go Programming Tutorial – Installing Go and our Editors

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In this video we will install Go, the Atom editor and run our first Go program.

Go, also commonly referred to as golang, is a programming language developed at Google in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.


Kwizera Emelyne says:

I am new in using Go and i wanted to install BCT suite as well to help me create the wallets, but i can’t find a clear documentation can you help?

RealEyes says:

how do i make a server in C implementing a data base with teachers and students with grades ? I heard that the code for this is out there, on golang.org, but I can’t find it…can you help me ? it seems you need GIT in order to have atom installed….

CmshnrBlu says:

Thank you so much. Most of the tutorial information online seems to be mostly unix type terminal instructions. After many hours of trying to work on a program with windows I had no success until watching this.

You earn a much deserved subscribe and thumbs up. Cheers!

Wealthy Kidd says:

Do you have to Run in the command Prompt

Christoforos Charalambous says:

did you just call C++ an interpreted language?

Lazic B. says:

Actually you were wrong at bare beginning. In its current state, Go is faster than Python but mostly slower than Java + Java handles concurrency much better. Yes yes… Go is using 10x less memory. But who cares if 1 GB costs as much as to pay a developer for an hour. Also, neither Python or Java are necessarily interpreted. Java is in like 99% cases half-compiled and JIT-ed. Python also can be JIT-ed.

Paul D says:

When I was trying to install go-plus, I ran into an issue. “Install go-plus@3.5.2 failed”
I clicked show output. A message about not having Git showed up. Luckily it shows you how to download Github for desktop.

Seventy-Three David says:

Having to do a project for my Software Development Practices class. We have to learn our own language and this video among your others help a LOT for setting up/using Go. Thanks for making these and I can’t wait to use them for extra assistance as I go.

Night The Tuber says:

#Pokemon Golang

I’m sorry

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