Go Programming

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Intro : 00:56
Variables : 2:30
Data Types : 2:43
Arithmetic : 5:20
Constants : 5:45
Strings : 6:15 & 38:32
Booleans : 7:25
Printf : 7:36
Logical Operators : 9:23
For Loops : 10:14
Relational Operators : 11:08
If : 12:08
Switch : 13:10
Arrays : 13:45
Slice : 15:22
Maps : 18:29
Functions : 20:08
Closures : 24:37
Recursion : 25:25
Defer : 27:39
Recover : 28:55
Pointers : 31:00
Structs : 33:43
Interfaces : 35:47
File I/O : 41:29
Casting : 43:10
Create Web Server : 44:22
Go Routines : 46:17
Channels : 48:10


harsh savla says:

I think you missed very important topics : package management, how to structure the code, how to import from external repos, unit testing

Linker Nick says:

I haven’t Haskell tutorial. Is it available on your channel?

Aye NawNomis says:

I love how you have the option of implicitly or explicitly defining types.

Manos Michalopoulos says:

Is it easy to find a job with Go?

Itheb Ben Abbes says:

so it’s an easy C :p ?

Jakob Scharf says:

Best introduction to go i could possibly have 🙂
Thank you

Sahil Pradhan says:

Darek I am Your Big Fan ,Can U Plz Upload A Video Series Teaching Go in detail

Jaechang Shim says:

It’s great lessons, many thanks.

Heinrich Barnard says:

You are awesome. Best tutorial on youtube(that I have seen so far) to quickly see how to use a language

Jade of Iearthia says:

“Go Drive”
“Go Vote”
“Go Have Fun”


Arthur Le Maitre says:

this was a great video — thank you

bundyfx says:

Awesome, thanks, Derek – spent the whole weekend taking this all in!

Cedric Villanueva says:

Thanks so much for this !
Do you have any indepth Go language for database/nosql tutorials ?

Arthur Watts says:

I could never embrace a platform/language without support for ‘yourmom’:

npm install yourmom@1.0.0

At 8.2GB, yourmom is seriously heavy, but I’ve got the hardware to accomodate yourmom.

Thomas Godart says:

“222 222 views”, wow, beautiful!

Someone Anonymous says:

can u hack with it?

Mamun Rashid says:

Another gem!

the queen eagle says:

i’ve just started learning go , all your tutorials is helped me , your tutorials is the best for programmers!!

Lounes DH says:

nice tutorial bro

Nick Kamer says:

I wish there were more tutorials like this. Quick, to the point, and amazing if you already speak programming. Thanks sir 🙂

pntabuye says:

Great presentation. This is the perfect speed for someone familiar with C and Python.

GaryiYT says:

Is the Golden ratio your favourite number? Great video!

KingDuken says:

Can’t you make your own syntax with Go?

-_- says:

Finally a tutorial we don’t have to watch in 1.25x speed.

Thank you a lot, very nice content and format.

Hunar Ahmad says:


Eidetia says:

One of those videos which I want to show every one starting out with go. Great Job!

harsh savla says:

python is so much better than this

Lek TIN says:

Why did you pass “&x” to changeXValNow(), yet “yPtr” to changeYValNow()?
What also confuses me is that you printed with “&x” first, then you printed “*yPtr” next?

Must appreciated

H.P. Teguh says:

awesome video!

Sticreations says:

Great Tutorial. Thanks!

Robert Rush says:

Noice stuff.
Go is now 1.8.1
Visual Studio Code had admirable coverage for the tool chain.

Excellent video DB!

PetarDambovaliev says:

It seems like a very cool language.
Coming from the OOP world, i am having troubles thinking about stuff less abstract.
I guess need time to adjust.

Golden Zet says:

Hello sir I am your Big fan i want you make this video in Hindi for your big Indian fans.

JarppaGuru says:

if you would start wellcome my python programming i would believe lol

Farsheed Ashouri says:

Simply the best tutorial i’ve ever watched for last 15 years. Really thanks Derek.

MauricioMartinez0707 says:

You should do a vid on setting up msql and storing/retrieving data in Go

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