Google I/O 2012 – Go Concurrency Patterns

Rob Pike

Concurrency is the key to designing high performance network services. Go’s concurrency primitives (goroutines and channels) provide a simple and efficient means of expressing concurrent execution. In this talk we see how tricky concurrency problems can be solved gracefully with simple Go code.

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Anonymous Code says:

21:21 :: recieved ? from c2

fingerprince says:

what an excellent man

shruti ranade says:

The answer to the first question was unclear. So the indeterminism of go routines cannot be mocked and you just mock the service being called ?

Abhinandan says:

shit flew above my head!

Aidan Jalali says:

Hey guys I heard you like channels so I put a channel in your channel

Fei He says:

The best presentation for Go Concurrency.

aditya menon says:

Anyone looking for the full source code of the snippets featured in this talk may find it here:

Vangelis Tsoumenis says:

Slides at

Steve Phillips says:

Here’s the URL: rspace googlecode com/hg/slide/concur.html#title-slide

Alau Bolatov says:

Sorry, but C# and Java are better

vijay kumar subramainyan says:

where is boring func in FanIn program,give me a clear program to understand.pls tis a wonderful in golang

Alex George says:

Looks cool, but I still don’t get it – how are channels all that much different from threading ? What’s the advantage over threads?

Anfernee Gui says:

this is a great talk. very inspiring.

atarzwell says:

Maybe on the surface. If you want to see the difference, time running 100,000 async calls. 😉

Dan Y says:

I think I know how they’ve come up with golang logo 🙂

MinecraftMan7778 says:

lol, i overdid it

David Furminieux says:

erlang without erlang

TheLiberalist D says:

Simplicity at its best, Go all the way.

Boren Li says:

The more I use Go, the more I am impressed how powerful Go is.

sooqua says:

Andrei Chikatilo?

Malidu Wijesingha says:

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Paulo Silva says:

I hope google goes with go (golang) as the new official language for android development, it will be the most assertive choice. This will be the big “Nextstep” for android 😉

foxkroe says:

select with a slice of channels would be awesome + specifying priority.

Alesia Krush says:

I think current would be a better name for channel, but maybe it’s just me 😉

Michael Soltys says:

Very interesting. Used it in my concurrency class.

mgutz says:

Wonderful talk as is the language.

Tehploe says:

I <3 Rob Pike

babu OO says:

I think you better do what you have all the characteristics of all programming languages only it is activated and enable des modes
because by eliminating pointer index it increases security but loses dynamic processes ingenious little suspect. better have all the features including haskel but the default is to show and recommend, is concerned activate other types of programming to be even more popular and more free … !!!

Walt Chen says:

A remarkable talk

luzon83 says:

Go is growing on me more and more. In fact, I’m starting to love it.

Kris Nova says:

This literally just made me cry. This video is why I am so proud of humanity.

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