Introduction – Go Lang Practical Programming Tutorial p.1

Hello and welcome to a Go Language programming tutorial. In this series, we’re going to cover setting up and the basics of using Go in a practical way. Go is a programming language where you could easily run through the basics, and then be totally lost when it comes to actually applying it to some actual task. Because of this, we’re going to learn and immediately apply at the same time as we move through these concepts.

Text tutorials and sample code:



what advantages does c++ have over go and is tensorflow available in go

turningandknives says:

Could you do a C++ tutorial for people with some Python experience. Would be good if this was applied to HFT related stuff.

Olf Mombach says:

Can you compile a .exe binary file for cross-device execution? If yes, does the other Windows PC have to have Go installed? Is it maybe even possible to write cross-platform code?

Maybe you should Go get me some coffee

vedant gawade says:

Well python gets oxidized to Rust and not Go.

Selcuk Caglar says:

do you want to introduce c++ Qt?

5zazen says:

As a novice, other than syntax, c++, Python, Java are all similar. Why do the languages then exist, does each language communicate differently to the machine language at interpretation time? Seems redundant, when what really is important is developing questions first, applying them properly to an algorithm, then meshing that with object code to solve the problem.

MrWasdennnoch says:

What’s that little double-arrow in the title bar of your windows (to the left of the minimize button)?

Tim Webb says:

Double-Quotes is probably the biggest hurdle to me. What design philosophy dictated that?

Victor Rodriguez says:

I dont think Python was created just for teaching purpose. :/

Md. Wahidur Rahman says:

I am glad I subscribed your channel

Soham Gumaste says: ?

Oleksandr Zinkevych says:

Wtf. Sentdex, I recently started to learn golang. And now I see your tutorial. It confused me. Ty so much for your series. Also I found vscode more convenient to use. It has great extension for golang with autoformatting, debugging, etc.

AceAkash says:

I was watching your tuts and u uploaded ! MAASTER!!

ObliviousIkuto says:

Hey Sentdex! I think you should rename your title Go Lang bit confusing IMO! Will get you more views I think 😀 Thanks for the tutorial!


Thank you for comparing to python while you taking classes . So we can understand the difference easily.

Murat Tatar says:

Go codes not like poem. But Python’s is. <3

Tomasz Wrutniak says:

Oh man.. I picked up Python in June as a beggining of my programming journey and slowly over time I started getting better at it but now you showed me Go and it’s super cool and I don’t know what to do anymore. Should I just drop Python and switch to Go? I’m not a competent programmer yet.

Also, I know Go cannot be nearly as popular as Python, but one of best selling points of the second one is that it’s widely supported and has tons of different libraries, modules and frameworks.. Is this true to Go as well? E.g. if I wanted to make a game in Go, is there some kind of game engines for it or would I have to invent it myself?

Mishra Neel says:

You are kinda my role model, I would love more creative and initiative python videos like GTA 5 self driving car, robotics etc.

Studio MZK says:

Cool! I’m learning Go for few weeks and it’s really great… But Mr. sentdex: no beard anyway?


why is everyone leading c++ and c why not golang?

Diganta Misra says:

Would it be justified to learn Go to build a sentiment analysis website using NLTK ?

Abhinav Gupta says:

Perfect Timing! Time to learn go!

Expect अverything says:

The Timing is great.. No Doubt.. What happened to GTA Series…??
I Was Eagerly waiting for that..

Fredrik Wigsnes says:

Here I am sitting and programming in Go and you drop this bombshell. Thank you.

Jake Stewart says:

Nice, I needed to learn golang so I could work with factom, but found myself lacking your majestic voice.

Now all is right!

Scott Wears says:

Can we call this series GoNuts instead of Gotuts

Creuilcreuil _ says:

ewwwww….. golang

rav ernot says:

thoughts on julia?

0mane0 says:

hey, cool video sir. One of the main questions i’ve always had about this language since i first heard of it was kinda answered here: why go instead of c++. If i got it right its mainly because go is somewhat simpler to write than c/c++ is that correct? if thats so, i assume go currently has less libraries and user-created material online than c++, is this possibly a disadvantage?

ThaCenterK1d5 says:

Never knew you can open a shell in the current directory in windows by just typing ‘cmd’ in the address bar! Awesome

zseven says:

wow 5 uploads at once 😀 nice

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