Learn Go in 12 Minutes

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An introduction to Go covering the fundamentals to get you up and running in 12 minutes.

The code is available on GitHub https://github.com/jakewright/tutorials/tree/master/go/01-learn-go

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00:11 Installing Go
00:20 Creating a Go project
00:54 Structure of a Go file
01:48 Compiling and executing Go
02:31 Variables
03:31 If statements
03:45 Arrays and slices
05:25 Maps
06:13 Loops
07:40 Functions
09:42 Structs
10:38 Pointers


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Manuel Jesus Retamozo Arrue says:

genial muchas gracias saludos desde lima Perú

Роман Юсупов says:

Is it possible to write back-end for websites with Go ? I heard that with Go write micro-services. And of course the “Docker” is written on Go. It’s a light-weighted and simplified alternative to C++

YamiYami17 says:


Mia Z says:

Hi Jack, I think it would be a good idea to make a video to teach Python(I didnt find one on your page) or a series of videos as I just started to learn it.

swarnadipmitra says:

Nice snappy tutorial. I like these 12 minutes videos that you do. But I’d prefer python over this language anyday. Btw I’m learning Ruby now after learning python, do you think you could do a 12min one on Ruby too? I’m sure lots of people will be helped.

edgarae1 says:

Omg a for loop as a while loop, and the way you wrote that sum/reduce function. So exciting!

Chenzys Videos says:

What is the program you code in? Is it just Notepad ++?

Vaibhav Codian says:

Missed this video’s

Leanne Mitchell says:

Well done ! Teaching is the highest form of understanding ~ Aristotle.

Mohammed Yazen says:

Jake Please do video at python! please

sauron932 says:

Angular in 12 minutes?, i would kiss you with my soul and spirit…. cheers up, keep up the 0s0m work

bohdan baranov says:

please, python

Joris says:

Good introduction, but I completely understand that people ask “why Go?” after watching this. To get that, you should read about goroutines and channels. Those are by far the most awesome features of Go. Especially when you want to work concurrently. See: https://gobyexample.com/goroutines and https://gobyexample.com/channels

Garrett Rose says:

Kind of like a more strongly typed javascript. However, I feel like you could get pretty creative with writing programs in go.

George-Bogdan Coman says:

Jake, are you learning Go because you have to or is it just a side project ?

Rubin Luitel says:

go seems like a mix of python and javascript, pretty cool

andy droid says:

Jake would make a terrible teacher for me. Not because he is not a great teacher but because I would just sit in his class all day starring at his pretty blue eyes.

Farrrdoos says:

I hated Go at first because of the syntax

Alex Astakhov says:

After the Scala, golang is seem to be designed for baboons..

Tony Coan says:

Why Go?

Perspectologist says:

Nice overview tutorial. I don’t know if I like Go. I hadn’t looked at it before, so this was a nice introduction. I may play with it a bit more. It seems one can achieve class-like functionality by creating functions which take a struct (or any other type) as the first argument. It reminds me somewhat of the Actor language.

Thanks for making this tutorial.

Mike Krestas says:

Imagine getting this video demonetized too….

Video Starts At says:

Yeah if everyone can stop making new languages that I have to learn that’d be great

Everton Xavier says:

Cool intro to the language syntax, made me want to learn more about it. Great job Jake!

2eath says:

You have great teaching skills, however this “Go” language is very similar to C/C++, with some syntax differences

Ilya Rusin says:

I think we should encourage Jake to make more educational videos. He would be a great instructor! There are a lot of tutorials, books, MOOCs on the Internet. Instructor’s personality and empathy could make people learn better and be more motivated during their study.

Marek Hastík says:

Thanks Jake, you rock with those dev vids! Will use Go at work for tiny tools that helps in testing sw. Please do more of Go!!!

Dom Anca says:

Oy oy jakey

Essa says:

Could you do a tutorial like this for java? i think it would be really helpful

csreindeer says:

In your opinion, do you think this should replace ML and other lanaguges used for “training” in colleges? It is fairly simple although if you know any other languages, it will feel familar. It takes elements and similar syntax from a whole bunch of languages i want to know your opinion.

Aydan Howell says:

That := is giving me flashback nightmares to Pascal… 😛

AB GrouP says:

sir what’s the best computer for game development

Richard Careaga says:

Nice work thx for the video! PS… Also thx you for all your other video you a good teacher bra!

roman italian says:


Anil Yadav says:

Nice tutorial… I have watched your all video . Superb collection Jake Bro…


One thing ill say about you


Djamal Dg. says:

Are you using Go for professional life ?

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