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Learn Golang Fast Start


Lizardan says:

Would like to know your opinion on Elixir, since many people say is better than Go.

Alejandro Gómez says:

50 minutes of just chat ? come on

Lizardan says:

This guy’s energy got me excited to learn Go instead of Elixir.

Modus Ponens says:

“Have you ever worked in a language where you can create your own type?” Umm, any language with classes? So… pretty much all of them?

KoltTv says:

Can we get a link to that presentations drive?

Alec Hale-Pletka says:

What cocaine sounds like @ 11:00

mrdopeteufel91 says:

Guido van Rossum, the author of Python, is Dutch.

Lizardan says:

51:15 Nice rant. And very true. Started learning python but my inner computer science voice told me, this is hiding too much detail and way too dynamic and hard to debug. So I moved to Go 😀

Tom Glod says:

are you out of fresno?

Eilsel Llessur says:

LOTS OF RAMBLING BULLCRAP, interspersed with a few mildly helpful bits of info. I wasted my time so you wouldn’t have to. But hey, if you like hearing the same thing repeated 16 times, bring your gun WHAT????!!!! Hey! So! Cool! Bam!

TheModula says:

How about you include the links in the description?

7:17 Not everything in golang is pass-by-value. Interface types, for instance, are always pass-by-reference.

Christopher Russell says:

nice vehicle metaphor 🙂

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