Learn To Play Go! A Guide for Beginners

Hello future go players! If you’re watching this, you might be new to the game, so let me be the first to welcome you! I made a short video that introduces completely new players to the basic concepts of Go. How to win, territory, and the nuances of capturing. I hope this is a good starting point, and in the videos to come I’ll outline a regimen you can follow to improve quickly! Don’t hesitate to leave questions in the comments below!


As of now, Sensei’s library is a great resource to learn about Go:


If you wanna hop o the go board, OGS is a great site to make an account and play new people!


Got a question about the game? Post it in the Reddit Forum here!



Christina Pansy says:

You are doing a perfect job, thank you.

Attick says:

Awesome video man really explained it well

Eric Ryckman says:

Thanks for these videos. Im a visual student and this clears up a lot of confusion.

Davis Yumnam says:


FourSwissRolls&NothingMore says:

I would like to be able to read moves

Licht Von Edelweiss says:

Yeah… I heard it from hikari no go

Licht Von Edelweiss says:

The intro surprise me

Aaron Perez says:

I thought the board is supposed to be 9×9 ?

Abedelmohsen Abukwaik says:

Can someone tell me what type of Go this is. Is it Chinese Japanese new Zealand etc. Need help

Michele White says:

Excellent, simple explanation. I’m brand new and very excited. Thanks!

Christopher Kidwell says:

Hilary no go is the manga I got the idea to play go from

Only Happening says:

You’re an excellent teacher.

Hogan McDade says:

0:35 Respect

Harry Balls says:

l don’t understand . lf you don’t cover the corners how is it that the territory is surrounded?

Stephanie Guilmenot says:

Love this game.

Subhash Chaganti says:


Lukas makes music–Too old to learn an instrument? says:

Great introduction! Supbscriber earned 🙂 what is the software you are using in this video?

Rilum Osmanaj says:

Hello and Greetings In Sente!

akosfulop15 says:

Did you mentioned when the game ends, because if so, I missed it. 😀

MrRex 2U says:

Please, what program or app are you using to explain…?

Steve Aldous says:

Hi thanks for the intro series – very helpful – surprisingly difficult game to get to grips with I am floundering so far. Can you tell me what website/software you are using to present the playing board? Thanks

Pietro Striano says:

the toughest game, years but still have no clue of strategy. Like Shoji. Never won a game.

Calraeia Elixir Raizel says:

Hikaru no Go… Thats why i became interested…

Monkey Business says:

I know I’m late to the party, but there is a glaring question that I got no answer for, yet. You count territory by counting the vacant intersections. If I were t place a stone right inside my opponents territory, he can surround and capture my stone. While that would give him a point for a captured stone, it would also cost him vacant intersections. From all explanations I have seen so far, this would be a highly beneficial move for me, because he has to fill in several scoring vacancies in order to capture that one stone, so I could annoy the heck out of him by placing random stones in his territory.
If you could provide an inside into this, that would be much appreciated.

milica milosavljevic says:

Anyone know name of anime or cartoon. The action is related to “go” and the main character is a boy who is just getting to know the game and is rapidly progressing in the game, while later a boy appears who, when he wins an opponent, opponent can’t never play

NemaBass91 says:

I like Chess more…

Dark Commentor 2 says:

Thanks for the video, today is the first time I’m learning Go! Hope I get good at it.

SheepiiHD says:

You don’t explain what territories are, how people get points before you ask the audience to figure out how many points they have. Why?

Pohenix says:

Thanks for help. Good job.

WestCoastSamoan says:

Appreciate the tutorial. I watched the anime and try to play the game on the app and was getting my ass kicked every time. I watched this video months ago, and now I’m getting wins here and there. I’m nowhere near good, but at least I know what I’m doing. Thanks!

Carlos David Ek says:

really cool vid

Morgan Freeman says:

Have you ever kissed a man?

Devon Mills says:

Go is pretty hard bud, genuinely challenging . Thanks for the video.

Божественная Свет says:

i just saw a small documentary trailer go and want to learn

Dyer 330 says:

You seem smart and possibly gay. Nice video tho

Mario Nascimento says:

Never watched Hikaru no Go but I am going to now 😀 Thanks!

MrSagnix says:

Good job!

Per Sørlie says:

I guess this follow the Japanese rules?

david heep says:

thank you for taking the time to create this instructional video. It was simple and focused. A+

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