Methods – Value Receivers – Go Lang Practical Programming Tutorial p.7

Welcome to part 7 of the Go programming tutorial series. We’ve been talking about structs, and we saw how to create a struct in the previous tutorial, along with accessing values from the struct. Now, we’re curious about how methods might work. While Go doesn’t have classes, it does have methods. The methods are not defined within the struct, however. Instead, they’re associated with the struct. Here, you can either let these methods just access data via working as a copy of the struct, or you can actually point through and modify the object. Methods that just access values are called value receivers and methods that can modify information are pointer receivers.

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B100DYH311 says:

Stay fluffy sentdex (>^_____^<)

Locationary says:

You should spend more time explaining the code instead of rushing through it for example you didn’t explain why you would write func(c car) kmh() and not func kmh()(c car).
I think the main problem is with your videos you assume people have a python background and already know much of the layout of the code.

Stjepan Brkić says:

“its so simple, it doesn’t even exist” ahhh 🙂

Keith Lashley says:

Hello Sendex I have just started Golang. I am working on getting gomobile connected to my android SDK.. I haven’t found a lot of video tutorials on gomobile. Do you think you could do one similar to your Kivy tutorials in the near future? I like your content it’s very good.

Igor Gomonov says:

Thank you for your tutorials. They are so clearly. If you have more advanced golang cources in any of educational platforms (Udemy,Courcera etc) I want to get them! Keep do such a great lessons and tutorials.

İhsan Cemil Çiçek says:

First time I heard that value receiver, pointer receiver. They basicly same anyway 😀

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