Pointers – Go Lang Practical Programming Tutorial p.4

Welcome to part 4 of the Go programming tutorial series. In the previous tutorial, we covered some function basics. Now, we’re going to cover the last basic concept before creating a simple web app, which is pointers. Pointers allow you to reference from memory, which lets you do some interesting things. Let’s do a basic run-through.

Text tutorials and sample code: https://pythonprogramming.net/go/


Sébastien De Craene says:

nice tutorial

Julien Grave says:

Hey sentdex have a look at hyper.js with git-bash as a replacement of the Windows console. And thank you for your videos 🙂

Lilololol Lipoppopo says:

Is go good for software, or machine learning and is there a ide where you can run though with out having to use cmd

rypiv says:

learned a lot from this one. thanks

krishna prasad says:

isn’t there any exponent operator in GO?

Conor says:

Why windows?

raj says:

on the multiple function you specified (string,string) because returning 2 strings but why on the add function you dont specify (float,float) sorry if it sounds stupid

FuZZbaLLbee says:

What about memory management, I guess go does not use a garbidge collector, right?

iErcan says:

merci beaucoup

Fredrik Christenson says:

Great explanation of pointers.

I would suggest that there could be a value in explaining why someone would use them, in this video we got a great example of how they work but knowing the how without the why is only half of the story.

I am not an expert but I am pretty sure pointers most common use case is for when you want to avoid creating copies of a value in memory and simply always reference the same address of a value, this makes a lot of sense if you for example want to keep down your programs memory usage or if you create a struct where you want to change value on a specific instance without recreating the struct in memory?

Darron Pressley says:

I never found a use for pointers, can someone give a real world application if possible??…I mean I would just access the original variable

Plucky Playz says:

Stop dude !!! Don’t post all the videos at once!!! Make it systematic!!

Filip Andersson says:


Aayush Gogia says:

hey @sentdex what are your future projects?

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