Should I Learn Go Programming Language?

Should I learn Go programming language?

You know that it is essentially Google’s when they name it after the first two letters of the company’s name.

I heard it was an improvement of other mainstream programming languages.

There’s an XKCD comic about how they have 26 competing standards and someone creates a single one to unify them all. A year later, there are 27 competing standards.

There are a lot of programming languages, and they need to be consolidated.

We don’t need another programming language in such a crowded marketplace. Basic has evolved to Visual Basic, Fortran is fading away, Erlang is becoming the weird genius we all know still plays Dungeons and Dragons, but occasionally brings up a good point in debate.

I heard that Go is a lot like C, but it has a lot of clean ups.

Between C, C++, C# and Objective C, Go gets a C- for trying to butt into a crowded field.

Go is supposedly a minimalist programming language. For example, you don’t have to mess with class and class inheritance.

Minimalism is a funny concept coming from the 9,000 pound gorilla that tries to do everything.

Go doesn’t have objects. You can have methods for any value or type.

I’m sure there’s a method to their madness, too. They don’t even have a clear enumeration type to make sure numbers get processed correctly.

What else does it lack?

They don’t have type safe-arrays, generic types, or exception handling. Every programming language has exception handling.

Except Go.

The end result is that they had to build in workarounds to handle exceptions that are worse than the hideous exception handling methods of other languages.

I heard it compiles quickly.

Compilation is trifling. It is the use and abuse of the programs you have to worry about.

But Google is behind it. How can that be bad?

They say they do no evil, but they have a funny definition of good and bad. Given all the people mad at Google for supporting the Chinese firewall and giving data to the NSA, do you really want to adopt their programming language, too?


Daniel Walmsley says:

This video is rubbish, it’s just someone mad at Google.

Siva DevWiz says:

Haven’t tried go programming but this video sounds very biased!!

stickmanymickmany says:

Why do you have cute grill as thumbnail? DISLIKE!

Tainah Julião says:

C dont have exception handling too….

John Leon says:

This video clearly isn’t biased against Go…

santosh r says:

hahahahhaha .. funny

Joey says:

Have you research “Go exception handling” on Google? Here’s an interesting read:

This video sounds pretty biased. And “do you really want to adopt their [Google’s] programming language too?” How is that even a logical question? Google is probably the most-used resource on the internet. They provide their search engine, YouTube, App Engine, Google+, Google Play stuff, Maps (with navigation routes calculated by traffic data), and MANY other services. And they all run GREAT. I have some Python web apps running on Google App Engine and it’s so smooth and free.

How can one compare their business practices to their technical abilities? I would think they know their technical shit well enough to make a great programming language. Go outperforms and uses less memory than PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and probably most other web programming languages.

It compiles to a binary so your source code is not at risk (not that this is usually a big problem). You just compile it (compilation is REALLY fast!), upload it to the web server, and it runs. The performance of it makes scaling cheaper (uses less server resources).

Fun facts:
– The main contributor of Express, the most popular web framework for Node.js, left the project for Go.
– Node.js runs on Google’s V8 javascript engine, which is a VERY fast way of executing javascript. Guess Google got javascript right…
– Amazon also just released (or will be soon?) a Go SDK for their hosting services.

Go’s popularity is growing VERY fast, and I’ll be making the conversion to it over the next few weeks.

MasterGhostKnight says:

Exception in languages like C++ are a mistake, they do more harm than good. If they were banned completely from the standard, everybody would be better off.

Anumodh N.K says:

i’m productive in Go, and that all I care … ! 

Curtis Covington says:

I think you have completely missed the point of Go.

macoh coding says:

liked it 🙂 and true

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