Simple Web App – Go Lang Practical Programming Tutorial p.5

Welcome to part 5 of the Go programming tutorial series, where we’ll poke around a bit with the built-in web server with the Go Language.

Text tutorials and sample code:


Grzegorz Martens says:

Will there be more videos on Tensorflow and Data Science / Machine Learning in general? I really like your videos – they keep motivating me to learn new things – many thanks for making those!

Seo Fernando says:

Thanks for the tutorials 🙂
I really would like to see a C++ or C tutorial here someday

Lion H. says:

I somehow hate programming languages that dont use semicolons xD its so annoying 😛
But the good thing is that you wont forget to place one 😀

Oleksandr Zinkevych says:

Umm, I don’t wanna to be rude, but what about reading about gofmt and code style?
Please, fix that imports

Vladimir Iurcovschi says:

I’ve just started learning go and found your tutorials very useful ! Thank you !

Yuri Sturkenboom says:

Just did all five tuts in a row. Is binge learning a thing now? I like to think it is 🙂 Great stuff!

japrogramer says:

Hmm, much easier to write with a framework. And still much easier with python:Django, python:Pyramid or node:Koa etc

Andrés Pérez says: coming next?

LearnXDoing says:

Thanks for making my Sunday beautiful. Watched all 5!

Manish Chalise says:

part 5 is like a cliffhanger dang it. Air date of other parts ?

Vincent de Jong says:

Is something wrong with YouTube? I don’t have any sound in your videos.
This is your last video that I have sound:
And yes:
– my volume is up
– video volume is up
– refreshed the page a few times
– I just don’t have sound in your latest videos, other videos work fine

Can anyone help me?

Palash Taneja says:

Wow, the timing of this series, I had planned just yesterday to learn! Couldn’t have been better!

George T says:

I really like your tutorials, keep it up man!

Abeltensor says:

As some one who uses go constantly; I can tell you that even in much larger web programs most developers do not use a framework because the idiotamic go way of handling things is much more simple and most of the features are already baked in. Now don’t get me wrong, you will constantly want to use libraries like the gorilla toolkit for sessions and websockets and stuff like that to get some more powerful functionality for very specific use cases but go was built with web development in mind. This isn’t to say that frameworks are bad or more complicated then go but it is a little bit annoying to have to learn a DSL on top of a language to do proper web programming. That is why google baked most of this stuff directly into their language.

I have used a lot of different languages in my jobs over the years (I am fairly agnostic when it comes to technology); clojure, dart, JavaScript, elixir, elm, kotlin, Scala, rust, python, golang, c#, f#, ocaml etc etc. If I had to pick one specific language to quickly write out a website it would probably be go at least right now. Of course I would probably pick python, elixir, or ruby if I couldn’t use go for some reason. Again, its all about the use cases. If I wanted something that was very straightforward, fast and could scale I wouldn’t use a heavy framework like rails or a more high level language like clojure for this unless there were very specific features that I needed.

I know this was needlessly long but yeah most of the go community says go is simple because for the most part it is, even atma larger scale. Now is that hello world example ridiculous? Absolutely.

Utubewonderful says:

In ur next tutorial also explain abt *http.Request… Thks

GoXR3Plus Studio says:

sentdex I like your style bro 🙂

kennyPAGC says:

quick comment! it seems that the naming convention for functions (even the ones you make) is CamelCase, not underscores!

Olf Mombach says:




furkan kartal says:

İt’s awesome,Keep it up

Lucas says:

All 5 video completed. Super interested bro…[2]

Emanuele Lillo says:

You can try in Sublime Text the Build feature (CTRL + B)

Siva Venu says:

sir i want to read large csv file in pandas but my laptop memory is 4GB only.
i read csv file using chunksize=100000 but when i want to update or manipulate the data i was unable to do so. i want to apply changes on entire data. how can i please help.

Utubewonderful says:

All 5 video completed. Super interested bro…

Filip Andersson says:


Tim Glenn says:

Can I draw a gui with go? I’m learning VB with windows forms, and I love making apps with buttons and textboxes

ForYaSee says:

I’m currently learning Go. Best timing!

ankur raina says:

Visual Studio Code syntax checker prefers camelCase function names over ones using underscores.

Golang Junkie says:

// Lets encrypt
crt := “/etc/letsencrypt/live/{yourwebsite}/fullchain.pem”
key := “/etc/letsencrypt/live/{yourwebsite}/privkey.pem”
http.ListenAndServeTLS(“:443”, crt, key, nil)

Sony Max says:

Great videos! Subscribed.

Alok Yadav says:

Whoever is reading this comment and want to try go , use vscode with golang extension . Happy coding

Saul Mestanza says:

This is awesome, keep it up!

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