Syntax – Go Lang Practical Programming Tutorial p.2

Welcome to part 2 of the Go programming tutorial series. In the previous tutorial, we got everything set up and ran our first basic program, along with explaining some of what is going on. Here, I plan to further explain some more of our options, and more of how to understand how Go is working and how it can work for you.

Text tutorials and sample code:


Sir John TML says:

I’m a poor person living in a place with 200KBps average internet. So I watch ads till the very end as I find that’s the only way I can help. 🙂

Sébastien De Craene says:

I had the same number on the random Kappa

Ajay Rawat says:

yeah n is not included

CJ Burkey says:

I recommend the Gogland IDE, it’s built specifically for Go and has some prereleases available.

Piyush Pallav says:

“[” means including and “)” means not including….Intn help doc gave [0,n)….so its 0-n where “0” is included and “n” is excluded

And many thanks for the GO tutorial, was just wondering to start learning it…:)

Dmitriy A. says:

Chaos – you need coding guidelines, everyone needs it.
I don’t believe Google hasn’t released Golang styling guidelines.

Michi Lo says:

Any hints on debugging go?

João Fernandes says:

About the correct style on formatting: just run `go fmt file.go`

Mohammad Aziz says:

Where does the complied files by Go live?

Fedor Kononov says:

Sublime package (GoSublime) does all indentation/format stuff as you save a file. Basically runs gofmt on each save. Give it a try.

ARainsby says:

You can also use goimports so you don’t have to manually import all the packages you use

Scipio Artelius says:

For the rand godoc. In math, the notation [0,n) means from 0 to the number, not including the number.

That is, a [ on a set indicates that the number is in the set, whereas a ) on a set indicates the set does not include that number.

So [0,n) as an int, means 0-99

Golang Junkie says:

$ gofmt -s

ARainsby says:

The Go community generally use gofmt for style. I’d recommend running that on save.

Victor Rodriguez says:

Good tutorial. Thanks.

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