The Go Language (1 of 4)

An introduction to the Go programming language. Assumes knowledge of Javascript. Part of a larger series at


marconatrix says:

I learned to program in Algol60 (I know, I know …) and am getting a certain feeling of deja vu here 😉

Peter Lonjers says:

Curious what software you use to make the video.

Lizardan says:

Why does he constantly compare Go to Javascript?

Alex Martin says:

Multi-return functions are not unique to Go. Be careful when saying things like that. 🙂

spaceLem says:

As a mathematical modeller, I typically have to specify the size of my data at runtime, so arrays nearly always have to be dynamic. Go’s fixed sized arrays is therefore quite disappointing, as unless there’s a way to have dynamic arrays, it pretty much rules out the language as useful to me.

Python My says:

thnks 🙂

JBeja M says:

I think you are misunderstand easiness and familiarity with simplicity. This language is not simple at all.

MrAbrazildo says:

I stopped after “Garbage Collector and No classes or type inheritance”. Crappy.

PENDANTturnips says:

I just wanna say I got a new subwoofer and my desk shakes from the sound of your voice.

Lizardan says:

Came here after the talk on HandMadeDev. Great talk and advice.

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