The Go Programming Language, An Introduction (Go from A to Z — Zürich Gophers Meetup)

Google Tech Talk
October 30, 2015
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Presented by Thomas Wilde

“Go from A to Z — Zürich Gophers Meetup”

Talks given by local users of the Go Programming Language at Google Zürich on 2015-10-30.

​Thomas Wilde: “Go from the ground up”, an introduction to Go, its philosophy and ecosystem.


Paul C Johnson says:

Host:Saying etc. through out the talk makes you sound not prepared.Are you reinventing lisp?

Renat Sharipov says:

Actually, in java everything is passed by value, that’s sometimes an issue, when you want to pass a reference and change it inside a function and you can’t. As opposed to that, C# has ref/out parameter modifier that allows you to change the reference you pass, that’s passing by reference.

Uwe Dauernheim says:

At +38:20 did you say “NaCl”? And is that still supported in Chrome?

Daniel Șuteu says:

At 4:00, “Perl” is inaudible. What a shame.

Hiren Patel says:

Nice intro to Go, thank you for the talk.

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