Why Go is a good programming language to learn

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Go is a great language to learn in 2015 and 2016. It’s gaining popularity very quickly in the past few years. In this video I give a high level demonstration of why Go is a vary attractive language to learn.


Blood1397violet says:

What do yall think of C#

ebic says:

I want to learn Go but I I feel like it would be pointless. Is is good for backend?

Jeff Loughridge says:

Great video, Chris. As a former perl programmer and current python programmer, it’s interesting to hear your commentary on the comparisons between languages. One thing I noticed is that you use ‘functional’ several times when I think you mean ‘procedural’. I’m definitely looking forward to watching other golang videos from you.

Someone Anonymous says:

can you hack with go

Anthony Patsicostas says:

Python only sorta not really offers true parallel programming due to the GIL. I often run into people who are not aware of this caveat. The library concurrent.futures technically does this, but the way the byte code is passed around and serialized is massive overhead for many use cases. I know a guy who used to love Python and is all about Go now. If Go is really badass in ways that Python sucks donkey, I have to attribute its lackluster adoption to the craptastic economic environment it was released into. Post 2008 madness.

Abhimanyu Aryan says:

Go/Node.js well I know Node.js is not a language but it confuses me when people say we have shifted from Node.js to Go

Oshy Faustus says:

Why would Python the best atm?

Rafael Chávez Torres says:

Hey man! really nice videos. Please, continue with more complex examples with Go, I’m really interested in learn this. Thanks!

Kyle Stankovich says:

Is Go seriously as fast as C++?

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