Why Learn Go?

Rob Pike talks about why we need Go and how it is a next-generation language for today’s modern computer environment


FunkMasterKek says:

Mhm … wow … mhm .. wow … yeah … wow … thats pretty great

Yandry Pozo says:

and now 4 years later they’re keeping the same promise and with a better compiler, long live to Go !!

beardedarab64 says:

Google Go seems, in my opinion to be language that has the built in features of a scripting language with the perk of having the inherent efficiency of a compiled language. There are some features left out that I find kind of disappointing. Like not being able to pass variables by reference;

Ryan W says:

Go is simply amazing. Easy( at least for me) to learn if you are coming from another language, eg C++ or Java, although there are a bit of learning curves, but easy to overcome. And he is not lying about the compiler speed…it is insane. I am enjoying Go so much haha

Mayer Goldberg says:

Go 2 considered harmful! 😉

Sushi says:

I’ve learned Go and I like it a lot, it feels very modern compared to other compiled languages. I wish it had Generics though, and better support for functional programming.

omniambience says:

Prepare for the inevitable “Go 2 considered harmful” comments 🙂 … Seriously, Go looks nice.

popasmuerf says:

I have to disagaree with his position that no complied languages of any significance has emerged in the past few years….Scala is compiled via a JIT and has some features similar to Go!

popasmuerf says:

Ease of portability.

beardedarab64 says:

So the code you wrote runs exactly the same no matter what platform you run it on

nomainreason says:

sounds nice.. will look into it.

Thomas Trask says:

Anyone interested in broadening their programming breadth. Or anyone who’s interested in doing distributed programming. Or anyone interested in learning something new.

Strofi Kornego says:

C++17 also getting efficient imports

ajamu camphor says:

Great questions by Rachel.

RooTerKyberian says:

it is like this in every video, even those with screencasts/presentations …

MrNightLifeLover says:

Humm I never understood why we needed a virtual machine in the first place.

oké ifufe dị n'elu ugbu a says:

php is better anyway

TheShernie says:

1:10 – Did anyone else hear someone say “Seriously?” in the background?

Roger Pack says:

at least Go is seemingly built by people that end up using it, so that should make it catered toward developers, not catered toward compiler developers, at least I hope…

fungussa says:

As a seasoned software engineer, who has primarily used C++ for development, I see Go as a profound improvement in software creation. Rarely has a new development technology interested me so much. I am hooked!

PhoenixOpenProject says:

C is proven longevity my friend, and will continue to be around, IMO.

NickleJ says:

I see Go becoming more and more useful as the current computing trends progress, and it may well have a big advantage being familiar to C/Java language programmers and backed by google and being open source. And it has Ken Thompson’s name on it, so you _know_ its good!

theyayster says:

The amount of wasted space on the video is disconcerting.

CrunchBang 42 says:

“Java compiles to shIT”

BaeBurn says:

Why learn go? Google it.

Laap Saap says:

O’reilly isnt really convincing with 0 Golang books in its inventory. So talk to mahh handdd.

amit says:

1) Yes
2) Everyone
There are some tasks especially well suited for Go.. It is worth it for a professional programmer to be at least aware of those strengths such that Go can be used when it has a clear advantage.

yourgflikesit says:


Big Sigma says:

I find go very messy and disorganized. The dependency model is not clean or simple, and has caused me many a daylong headache. It basically took C++, and took away all the things that make C++ organized. We’re left with a language which is good for nothing other than pipelines. It’s a fun toy, but IMO good for nothing other than prototyping.

Ola says:

The interview and the story are good, but somehow she must be married to a feeder.

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