8.1: What is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? – Processing Tutorial

This video covers the basic theory behind object-oriented programming in Processing/Java and discusses the difference between a “class” and an “object” instance.

Accompanies Chapter 8 from Learning Processing A Beginner’s Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction

Official book website: http://learningprocessing.com/

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Contact: https://twitter.com/shiffman

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(Note this video was shot in Fall 2012.)

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Lori Wolfcat says:

So, why can’t the object just be animated?? To me, I still don’t get the point of C, C++, C#, and Java. It can do all things that I can just draw and animate.

Allen Zhao says:

im amazed by his energy

Miles Emanuel Paavola says:

Thank you for making this video! 😀

leilanihagen says:

Fantastic explanation. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Stevethesearcher says:

This video helped me understand the concept of “Object Orientated Programming” much better than any other video I have watched on YouTube. I am still a bit vague but I am getting there. You have Data and it’s associated functionality which is called a class which is like a template. From that class you then create an object. So an object is an instance of a class.

Einhamer says:

FInally, something that mi teacher didn’t teached my in 6 months… finally i get WHY do we have classes, what is a class and WHAT is a n object…. THANK YOU!!!

The Queen Of Eagles says:

you’re a great teacher

pimped up tricycle says:

sorry bro not my java we cant draw

fardin er says:

how many of you took deep breath?

João Machado says:

if you speed the video up to 1.25x it looks like his on very high levels of caffeine.
Loved the class, though…

Robert Motión says:


dali karmani says:

u r amazing

Miguel Malcolm says:

great explanation! Thanks.

John Cupples says:

Niños, pablo volverá

Suado Ali says:

Dude, I might have a chance to pass my OOP exam now. great videoes!!

wilson marasigan says:

that was awesome

K Srinivasan says:

u r very better than my teacher

Simon P says:

Putting data and functionality together is one of the worst things you can do as a programmer. Just think about it. Data is and should stay a separated entity in computing. Data does not walk, talk, drive, draw etc.. Data is transformed from one form into another via functions that walk, draw, drive..etc.

greenghost2008 says:

He reminds me of Alan Resnick’s comedy videos.

Mukesh Aryal says:

Great Presentation…. Really loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mureithi Kivuti says:

I love your energy. You’re clearly doing what you love

Rande Dager says:

I began programming iright out of the army n 1971 which was before microcomputers and it was Fortran using card readers, etc. I then transitioned into what is referred to as “spaghetti code”. I was hired to teach computer programming when degrees weren’t necessary. I left it all years ago and have since heard the term “Object Oriented Programming” and finally decided that Ineed to get into it. I was looking for something generic not applying to any particular language. I stumbled upon your series and I appreciate your entertaining delivery.

Donald Card says:

You rock man!

Kim Jung-un THE DEAR LEADER says:

Pronoun and Verb. Got it!

Sane T says:

Really good and easy to follow. Thank You good sir.

sivarama raju says:

I am an instance of the entity human being …….WOW
That word helped me to realize some what……!


how do I make: property Color color
get { return color; }
set { color = value; }

June original says:

Soo helpful 🙂

Nikhil Chigali says:

Is JS an object oriented programming language??

Haha Aha says:

There’s another way to make a human being that’s a lot more fun 🙂

Good Life says:

This is brilliant. I learnt so much better with your metaphors!! Thank you so much!! subscribed!!

Prag Sangha says:

Finally a video on internet for clearly understanding OOP. Nice work mate!

sidiiq says:

i cant understand instance.

Mukta Danu says:

thank you dude 🙂 you are amazing !!

Kazi Faisal says:

Bro how the fuck are you not famous? I never understood OOP this intuitively in my LIFE in all those college classes!

Just Imagine says:

Guys, We started a new channel. Please visit and suggest us if any improvement is required

Óscar Mario Víquez Murillo says:

So much energ! So much nose scraytching! smh…

sam mes says:

Thanks for great videos! I watch them with speed x2 and it makes it even more fun! 😀

Bose s says:

The video was simple, and old school.. I meant in a great way since I am 90’s KID …That said , COFFEE !!

jaclyn blumenthal says:

Thank you so much this is so helpful and What an amazing teaching style would love to talk more n pick at your brain being a mathematician lol

Adriel Gómez says:

I just came from 2 years in the future and I have something to ask. Where’s your purple hoodie? D;

Arron Sealmoy says:

Very funny to watch , and informative thanks !

liudas5377 says:

That was really good – thanks

Fetz HD says:

sei una persona bella.

Mustafa Gulam says:

So the Template is like an image and the object is when you add all the image’s in the template to make a animation.Am i right or not very new to this???

DaGibbityGab says:


Melvin says:

Wow do you live in The Netherlands? You look like someone I’ve seen before.. Very weird haha

Muhammad Qaisar Ali says:

i got today the basic concept of oops ..thanks…

Pol Mata says:

this guy is just brilliant

Kola Aderinto says:

I like the enthusiasm and vigor with which he explains things

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