FTC Java Tutorial Part 1: MyFirstOpMode

This 10 minute Tutorial is a crash course on creating your first OpMode.

It shows the CORRECT way to use the samples in the SDK to prevent issues in the future, and shows the new OpMode registration method.

Don’t even open the FTC_SDK until you have watched this Tutorial at least twice 😉


SuperGloop says:

Looks great! The text is nice and clear, and so is the audio! 😀

Nezz says:


Eileen Duong says:

I am having compatibility issues. I am receiving a message that says “Incompatible apps: Driver Station=v11 vs Robot Controller=v9.” Any solutions? Thanks!

Abdul Siddiqui says:

Please let us know the link to download the new FTC SDK

Matt Shields says:

When I go here:

I don’t see the new SDK with TeamCode. Help?

Suraj Ghumwala says:

I am having trouble with downloading an op mode onto my driver station (does not appear on list)

I deleted the @disabled
I ran the team code (green play button)
I waited till the gradle build finished and nothing shows up on driver station (I am uploading the file onto the robot controller phone)

I am using the moto g which is legal in the ftc competitions
Can someone explain if the app of the robot controller needs to restart or make a noise to see if the opmode is compiled?
Or is there an extra step?


FTC Team 9779 PIEaters says:

Hello Mr. Phil. Thank you for the video. It was very helpful. Is there a new procedure to update the SDK in the future. It’s exciting to have the team code folder, but won’t it get wiped out when we download and import a new SDK in the future, just like the opmode folder did? The only way our team knows to update the SDK is to clone the entire project from github and save a copy of our opmode (team code) folder. Then add the copied folder back in after we import the new SDK into Android Studio. Thank you again!

Matt Shields says:

oh, it’s still in beta?

Abdul Siddiqui says:

They released version 2.2 today. Download it and follow this video. https://github.com/ftctechnh/ftc_app

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