How To Code in Java

Get up and running with java quickly. I show you exactly how to code in java.

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This is how to create a hello world program in java using eclipse. This java programming tutorial is made for absolute beginners who have no programming experience and want to learn Java. Java is a very widely used programming language used for everything from apps to AI. Learning how to code Java can be intimidating, but I try to break it down to help all of you new/self-taught programmers out there!

Source code:

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Here is the Java code you will write today:
System.out.println(“Hello world”);

Install Eclipse on Mac:

Install Eclipse on Windows:
1. (This link is slightly different from the one in video, use this one instead)

Coding is nothing more than a to-do list for a computer. I hope to save you time and take the confusion out of coding, by teaching you helpful pieces of code you can use for your own programs.These tutorials are a way to try to help people save time and frustration when coding. I’VE BEEN THERE, it’s 2018… let’s make code easier, and beautiful.

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Alex Lee


Stone says:

This video is awesome, thank you so much! I can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into this, because you explain everything thoroughly and clearly, which is what I think everyone needs. You deserve way more subscribers, and keep up the great work!

Valeria Márquez says:

This was a really helpful video, too bad you don’t have a second part to this. My professor sucks at explaining Java, Eclipse etc. So it’s been difficult for me to understand and learn all of this.

Petr Michal says:

Best! thx

Shameek Hargrave says:

I think I have a new favorite youtuber!

Mr Shenanigan says:

Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much!


After watching this first video, I subscribed to your channel and looking forward to your next videos. I took computer programming for the first time and the instructor on Java went way to fast. Instead of learning what he was teaching, I was too busy trying to keep up and when I was caught up, I was like, “what the hell did I just do”.

August Oliver says:

Nice videos, thanks!

bappela channel says:

More of it man. I need more learning

Valeria Márquez says:

I keep watching it over and over just in case I don’t forget, very helpful every time I watch it (:

bappela channel says:

Really nice viedeo! 😀 This was what i were looking for

Zaldy Bitonga says:

Hey Alex! Thanks for the video I am trying to learn programming (self thought) and your video simply answers all my question, thanks again and I’m one of your fans now (I’ve just hit the subscribe button) thanks again see you in your next tutorial..Cheers:)

Anthony Migigns says:

This is an awesome series!

Sialoi Taasamoa says:

when I tried to launch eclipse, my mac just said this, “ALERT, failed to find a main class in ‘/Applications/…/Eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launch_1.5.0v20180512-1130.jar” how do i fix this

Jake Harvanchik says:

Very helpful! Getting a head start on my Computer Science major journey!

Jony Geometry says:

This is exactly what i was searching for. I just had little bit trouble figuring out how the running in eclipse works but anyways, Awesome Tutorial!

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