Java arithmetic operators: Learn Java programming (tutorial)

Java programming tutorial on using the arithmetic operator to be able to carry out the following in java expressions: Addition and concatenate, subtraction, multiplication and divisions.
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Red Mar says:

gosh, you’re smart.  
teach me more. . .

Asad Mughal says:

all the time i kept looking at here face and not learned a single word !!

Michal Koczwara says:

Hi Sophie. Nice tutorial. You should consider become an instructor (either Java or Databases), make extra money and develop a course for Udemy 🙂

Al Bundy says:

I want to concatenate my mouth and those tits.

Shivam 298 says:

Mam start making porn videos

Aman Bisht says:

shez hot

Lakkim Sun says:

that’s so cool.

Kinetic1001101 (GrumpyMunky) says:

You are by far a hidden Gem, a diamond in the ruff.. Need I say more!! Love the accent too! Thank you for your input, Sophy!

Kairu Hainzu says:

This is probably a stupid question. You said if IT + Sophy = ITSophy.
What if you say IT – Sophy

Sam W says:

Thanks , do you do personal in class teaching

Whats Video says:

bro I forget after see.

Francisco padilla says:

Hi Sophy, How do you read an arithmetic expression from a string, then print that expression, and display the solution in java?

Shivam 298 says:

What a sexy

Rohit Kaushik says:

Helpful for me, Thanks Mam…

David Lunch says:

Notepad++ is much better! esp for editing java programs, all nice and colour coded 😉

Sacchu The Tiger says:

very hot..

Borislav Dinev says:

Sophy is a beauty! 😀

masoud painda says:

excellent lecture,thank you so you have FB id?

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