Java basics: a tutorial for beginners

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To write your own Android app you are going to need to do some programming. The language of Android is Java, and this tutorial will help you get started.

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Chathura Gimhana says:

now koding is not free to use. Is there any alternative programme?


Koding need credit card not for free 🙁

shadman sakib khan says:

go on gary you always have been good at explaining, now covering java is a fantastic idea .

Bo Ha says:

Good tutorial to get an overview. But not for absolutely beginners. Thank you.

Harish Mr says:

too fast but very informative

Quantum Mint says:

Guys my team and i are currently building a social media app which has the potential of killing many other social media if you wanna join the team then

Fekih Mahmoud says:

cool tutorial , it is the best about java in few words ,,, thank you

Raimon Gonzales says:

Do you have an Uber waiting? Why in a hurry?

Crs Npopc says:

thanks so much . great video. however, i am new to java and i love it but i really don’t know what to do with it when am really good at it. what can i do to make money with this programming language:?


My very first introduction to Java. Thank you Sir. At some moments I thought my self on a C++ tutorial (I checked again the title)…Wondering why reinvinting hot water? Anyway thanks 😉

Yasitha Herath says:

super super super super

Cindy H says:

Learned basic about 40 years ago…then when I was trying to learn assembly language, I gave up because they were using trigonometry as examples and I couldn’t distinguish between the example and what they were trying to teach – not having yet learned trig in school..ha ha ha…then in high school, they were teaching us how to save, print, etc ….I was sooo bored I gave up on computer programming then…anyways…so now I am a complete newbie but I would like to learn java for creating mobile apps

I went to and it seemed confusing…you can open a free open source account but you need to have a project repository and badge….not sure what this is or how to create it…

Ben G Kaiser says:

Thanks for the great courese!

Marcus Fenix says:

That is not a very effective way of teaching. You should tell us what and why then how not only how.

Roberto Suárez says:

Best advice for newbies. As Gary says, stop the vid where you get lost and repeat, and if you don’t get it, take a written source with it.
This is a good overview of everything you need. A panoramic view if you will. If you get this along with some book, which there are tons of it, you’ll be able to go fast and well directed to your final goal.
And if, like me, you have already programming in C (or anything really) this is the best speed!

H K says:

Wtf i didn’t understand anything 🙁

Vinoth Kumar says:

i am trying to learn Java. this video is very useful

Pete Bejar says:

Actually, we’ll see you in your next video! LOL

Paul Nossenko says:

This is like the 10th “beginners” Java video I have watched and have been totally confused every second of the videos.

ZZtop stranger says:

I was never so bored in MY LIFE up till moment i started to watch this video.
Which drugs do you recommend for a beginner to start coding ?

angel raval says:

hays….i feel im so dumb…

TimbuktuPeaceWarrior says:

Critique: you jumped around a bit when switching subjects but you did a good job telling the viewers why they would need to use certain java std library features.

Emily Wong says:

What is the update for applets?

AC AKO says:

how to program a gameloft game

I Auman says:

This is not beginners tutorial. I think simplify more. Beginners should also try algorithm first.

unlokia says:

Gary, you are *marvellous* at teaching, so clear and calm. God bless you Sir, a gentleman and a scholar.

Matthew, England 🙂

Mark Komakech says:

Good explanation !!

Mike Kaufmann says:

For daily workouts learning Java or other programming Languages, download “Enki” on an App Store. It is really good!

Austin Henning says:

Is it normal not to know the “why” of all this? I suppose I’m an extreme beginner. This is all very abstract to me. I don’t know how to take what I want to do in the program and translate it into Java language.

KumarHD says:


Methodological Doubt says:

Can someone give me examples of simple programs that use the different times of loops?

angel raval says:

lazy and dont like this mind blowing programming

David Brown says:

Sorry guy. Way more complicated than beginner level.

First ToDie says:

Seriously man, I already know the very basics of Java but I wish I had someone that could explain things as clearly as you when I was in my first semester of programming. Good work, I will probably be looking up your other videos as I am trying to learn how to program on Android atm.

CR Active says:

This is understandable by someone who is familiar to programming already but not for beginners, thanks mate you cover a lot of shit

charles charles says:

how do you make an array in java?

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