Java For Beginners: While, Do While & For Loops (7/10)

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Nab says:

what if god was a gamer?

Monica Grijalva says:

How do you stop that do loop?

Jayvee Empleo says:

Wow. Keep uploading videos and you will assure my likes

mo sa says:

Can somebody give me advice on how to learn Java? Is the best way to follow online projects though YouTube videos? Following online course? I know someone is going to say to create small projects but what projects would you recommend?

Andrea Aldrich says:

I got a D on my first Java exam because I struggle with these loops (and I had a fever). I went from 98% to 84%.
I’m feeling kind of gutted and wondering if I should quit. Watching everyone leave the room before me sucked.
I should have watched these videos first.

Chuck Israilov says:

This video helped me a lot, thanks ! Whoever struggling with understanding of while loops just watch this video

L says:

thank you very much !!

PassionFruit says:

im at uni studying computer and network tech, im studying java for it and i have to say.. at first i hated it! but now ive started to learn more about it and be able to solve simple tasks, its such a great programming language!

Mamun Khan says:

Well Explained!

humphrey chan says:

you spend just 11 mins to cover the entire 50 mins lecture and actually make me understand what’s going on while my 50mins lecture rises me more question marks in my brain

akshansh gupta says:

thanks helped me a lot loved this video

moz says:

Sik video!! thanks!

21acog says:


tyler bussey says:

Great video, I like that you provide examples after you make changes to the code. This helps a heap

Program Geek says:

how do u do or?

Ayalsew Melesse says:

Thank you dude
It is helpful video;

Chase Novak says:

I you type sout then tab it will type the print statement

TheycallmeNade says:

Thank you you are so much better than my teacher

Yasmin Husain says:

u r really good, thanks. fast and clear please make more videos

Eric Hou says:


Sharan Preet says:


Viktor says:

Hi i was wondering is it possible to have multiple condition within a for loop? I’ve tried using the && symbol to have 2 statements but i get an error

Kev Breezy says:

perfect..clear voice.subscribe asap

Kovvuri Varma says:


Momtahena Haque - Erindale SS (2322) says:

Amazing explanation thanks!

Robin Nguyen says:

So Java is just like C++. Got it

Broadway says:

awesome!! Best break down on how loops work… Thanks!

arbind kumar says:

plz java all keyword v upload

hprivij says:

This vedio hepled me get the knack of it..pretty clear and good.

iftekharonadventuring says:

Thank you Sir! Couldn’t get any simpler.

misbah El mi'roj says:

The display in my netbeans is not the same as the one shown on your video, can I start my source code from a different line with your video view?

Sharan Preet says:

Explained with uttermost simplicity.

Master Gamer says:

Omg I got 65/70 for my IP test omg thank youuuuu

Mohammad Hajbeh says:


Prashant Das says:

Thank you
Perfect learning video

Zade Muhammad says:

Awesome video dude! Very simple to understand, and you explain very well.

H3000 says:

Why not mention when to use while and not for and opposite…

Viktor says:

Very straight to the point, thank you

Anthony Maestas says:

dude control your mouse!

habtamu sage says:

10 q very mach it is cler to me know

rain momo says:

Thank you for sharing !! excellent ! could u please explain if use boolean to control the loop ?

Zage Mahone says:

Wonderful video

Josh Guevara says:

Really helped a lot dude thanks!

M K says:

Amazing! Thanks a lot!

Kaushal Jaat says:

explain how result came?

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