Java Programming: Let’s Build a Game #1

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Part 1 of a series on the very basic fundamentals of Java game design. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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Game Maker Studio: Tutorial
Java Programming
Game Programming
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Captain Techno says:

my fps after all the code is 12,000

DJ Loco P says:

which programming language did you use?

Chinhong Lao says:

which app do we use to create this game?

xclimatexcoldxx says:

Holy crap that loop. In javascript its just
setInterval( Loop, 30 );
Never in my life would I have thought a loop could have been so long and complicated.

Andrei Predoi says:

where does he call the function “run()” ?

Drive Gaming says:

If you replace 640 with 1920, it doesn’t equal 1920×1080, it equals 1920×1440. Replace the 12 with a 16 to get the right resolution or else u will be a pleb.

Jacob Isonell says:

1:19 “this is wave 2”
*Wave 7*

Luqman Headley says:

1:52,RealTutsGML charged for flashing strobe lights, giving 179 people epileptic seizures.

GoodGameYourDead - Minecraft And More says:

public void run()
long lastTime = System.nanoTime();
double amountOfTicks = 60.0;

Aaron Gonsalves says:

53 million frames. game of the year (‘-‘ )/

akib hossain says:

double thumbs up

joe trader says:

public void run()
System.out.println(“Delta, something, something, this code works, I swear, really”);

Keo1711 says:

Where does the FPS Show? I may be being stupid but i dont see it anywhere

ShqipGamingTv says:

Plss Can You Make 1 Video How to Download This Program!

Charles Paroissien says:

It’s really important to watch the back end first few vids twice or more to really grasp what’s happening. Especially if you’re new to Java.
I was completely lost the first time I watched these first few videos but as you replay them it gets clearer. Nothing mystical about it 🙂

Ty BOY says:

What software are you using

Atharva Bhamburkar says:

Using netbeans and the color is not changing and the FPS is not excedding 900

Franz Joseph Liszt says:

My FPS was 12 million

Ammy Rasam says:

This loop is not working.!
Didn’t get black screen.
plzs help..!

public void run()

long lastTime = System.nanoTime();
double amountOfTicks = 60.0;
double ns = 1000000000 / amountOfTicks;
double delta = 0;
long timer = System.currentTimeMillis();
int frames = 0;
long now = System.nanoTime();
delta += (now – lastTime)/ns;
lastTime = now;
while(delta >= 1)

if(System.currentTimeMillis()-timer > 1000)
timer += 1000;
System.out.println(“FPS: ” + frames);
frames = 0;



GamersGotPower says:

its not making a window for me

Captain Techno says:

my pc runs at 60 000 000fps

joe trader says:

TFW when you have the speed just a little bit higher on 1.25 and you’re amazed how fast he is typing stuff, bc you forgot it’s sped up.

GoodGameYourDead - Minecraft And More says:

how much wpm 100 or 120? i got 80 fam lit

Show all Memes says:

Wait what. I have exact code and I get an error when I try to do frame.add(game);

KyoFeek says:

Erm I know if this may be a stupid question but where do I find and open that window for editing java..

TheGoldenDr says:

Not pro tip change speed to 2 XD

ItzLife 1 says:

has anybody tried to learn a coding lauage and learned a diff one?

Hannah B says:

the buffer thing doesn’t work… do u know why?

21 PIGZ says:

My eclipse is way different its white not black. I have the JavaEE version

Atharva Bhamburkar says:

hey how about using netbeans 8.2 for this?
i’m using it to literally ctlr c and ctlr v ;P
it’s working but the basic fundamental diffrences between eclipse and netbeans is really causing stress and frustration as im a newbie in using netbeans too!

Ben_Ashby 12 says:

what program?

Saboor Hamedi says:

i need bro a book about game

Ryan Spaeth says:

ppl getting millions of fps meanwhile I’m getting roughly 100 LOL

My Account says:

I am quite new to Java, i want to proggram games but where should i start? I know very basic things about Java.

Vitex says:

Frames Per Second: 45882599

Udit Electronics says:

give me software name

The Easy Way Out Campers says:

It runs perfect but It dont display the black fill rect command…. it just stays white. No flicker just white window. Any Ideas? no green no just white… 🙁

KillaPlayz MC says:

What software is that?

Shlad with a shlid says:

Sorry, but this video annoyed me so much. you didn’t explain shit all of what you were doing you just said ‘do it’.

Kaden says:

Too fastttt

Pat says:

it doesnt fcking work it keeps giving me errors everywhere

Sravya Rani says:

hai everyone…
I liked this video..
But in my view it would be better if method was clearly explained..

prabhu Prabhu says:

which IDE are you using?

spongebob 01 says:


The Easy Way Out Campers says:

When I set up the project what should the JKE settings be?

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