Java Programming – OOP Practices

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OOP (object oriented programming) is a model that is to represent real world object (and their relationships) in programming. It provide components to transform objects containing properties and functions.
In this tutorial, we will talk about folowing components of object oriented programming in java.

Access modifiers
Static keyword
Method overloading
Method overriding
Using built in Classes

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Jameer shaik says:

if program is simple it will be better to understand.

Saboor Hamedi says:

Hello sir I know sir this is not the place to ask this but I have to ask suppose I have jframe and I create multiple color for in jcombobox I can do this now I want to set one color for it whether I close ad rerun my program it should give me the color which I set please sir help to make this

sumanyadav89 says:

Please do not use “Alright” word so many times..its irritating…otherwise its a good and useful video

Saboor Hamedi says:

u are cool

Devarasetty SAI KRISHNA VAMSHI says:

change subtitle color

Igi Hara says:

58:08 seem doesn’ work for me.. I can’t call this method back .. 🙁
it shows error: “getLedScreen() is undefined for the type Vehicle” in

anyway.. i learn Java for 3 weeks now.. thanks for effort plus good work Mirza!!

Rakesh Kota says:

Hello bro! iam btech 2year student we have a subject object oriented programming through java can i get basics from your channel

pst4rock says:

public static void int getCount(){
//return this.count; – don’t work
return Vehicle.count; // it’s work

Saboor Hamedi says:

sir do you have WhatsApp I want to ask something about java because I’m studying system information and this is my dream  to be programmer in the future if you have this is my number it would be  my honor sir if you add my number as your friend list

Bernard Robert says:

What IDE are u using

טוהר פינגלה says:

Can you share a zip file includes certain kinds of java problems and their solutions? it will very help, thanks!

iuno777 says:

“whikl” 😀

joy bandopadhyay says:

sorry had to switch to hd

Saboor Hamedi says:

ya sir its okay never mind thanks again for this nice tutorial really I enjoyed this tutorial

torab chotu says:

Well.. You forgot to add object oriented analysis and design video…

joy bandopadhyay says:

very nice vid

torab chotu says:

Very nice video understood almost everything…

Saboor Hamedi says:

why it print the black why it’s not print the all because I did this one too I put the model of the car instead of color it print the model

Land Survey and Engineering channel says:

sir, it would be your kind regard if you make tutorial related to my question, or how to make a barbinding schedule in excel using jawa, i saw a spreadsheet in youtube, where he puts the values and give a very complicated result

torab chotu says:

Please add “object oriented analysis and design” video soon thank you.

swayambhuba purohit says:

Dear sir what is best way to create online ticket booking or online bank transition where is very heavy traffic comes and how to maintain synchronization and multiple thread comes.

Land Survey and Engineering channel says:

sir, we can make calculator in this program, and we can make profarma using such program, to make a template for civil engineering purposes, using for estimation, etc

Shubham Rangar says:

Now, from where can i find more questions on oop to practice…can you share some link …

joy bandopadhyay says:

video quality is bad

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