Java Programming Tutorial – 04 – Defining a Class and Creating Objects in Java

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In this lesson, you will learn how to define a class and create instances of that class (called objects) in the Java programming language.

Learn how to program in java with our online tutorial. We will cover variables, loops, if else branching, arrays, strings, objects, classes, object oriented programming, conditional statements, and more.


Colin Jamieson says:

Great Lesson, I have been batlling to grasp the linkage between the classes and the object creation

Jv Kanonhall says:

Would love if I could get all these tutorials in 1 ordered playlist, because i’m not payin for it lol….

Sanele Dlamini says:

The best ..I watch this every time before a Test

Bharat says:

The tutorial is really easy to understand. Thanks for such an amazing explanation. Checking out more tutorials on your channel.

Haris Shaikh says:

Hey can u post those practice exercises here please thanks.

sunshine noor says:

should we always create the object in the main method

sitinur aisyah says:

Tq so muchhhh

Randy Bushman says:

finally!!! somebody that isn’t Indian

devoiddude says:

WHY did you put “int var1 = 5;” “double var2 =3.65” what are they for?

The Oober Youtuber says:

You don’t capitalize your Class names…. strange, never ever seen someone do that before.

Emily Allan says:

One of the best explanations I’ve seen on Youtube about objects in Java. You know what you are doing unlike other tutorials where they don’t explain WHY its important. I wish all of your videos were up in entirety. Have you considered posting all of them for ad revenue?

Naeem Islam says:

best video i have ever seen on class and objects .thanku very much

Reza Arian says:

finallllllllly someone explains it in English. thank you so much.

Arcadia Alcatraz says:

Thank god you’re not Indian. The accent is thick I can’t even understand. The hell?

James Elcome says:

Great video! how do you access the example?

LuckyTuvshee says:

OMG, Your voice is awesome, and you did absolutely good :)) Tnx

Łukasz S.kyWalker says:


Alif Bryan says:

clear explanation, thanks!

domdom player says:

Nice, clear and well explained. Good job 😀

Joey’s Mom says:

Thanks so much, helped me out tremendously for my AP Computer Science homework

kre 1 says:

I learned more about aircrafts rather than coding.

John Yeszhan says:

Well done. Very clear explanation. Thank you, sir.

ᖇᗩᘔ0229 says:

I Just Switched From CodeAcademy To CodeLearner!!!
You Know, They Mess Up With Pro Level Each Time…

Ishara Perera says:

Thanks for the great explanation sir!

Zara Stern says:

tnx, man! rly helped me out here. great lecture! +1 sub

Konstantinos Tatsis says:


Dogs Are the Best says:

Looks like each tab represents a class.  If so, they why did you put aircraft as a class on the same tab as the Lesson4 class?

Lin哈尼 says:

No offence, but I think you need refine your words.

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

this is hands down one of the most valuable java tutorial in existence. i will pay this guy when i am rich.

VoN says:

i have learned more about aircrafts than class and objects, still is a great video

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