Java This Keyword – Java Programming Tutorial This video takes you through a practical scenario where you will have to use “this” keyword.


Kautuk Raj says:


Rae Rae says:



thankyou sir very helpfull

Julio Flores says:

Very helpful. Thanks

Apka Guruji says:

good explanation.

Totally Anonymous says:

The only criticism i have of this video is that he didnt explain that if a variable is initialized and has not been assigned a value it gets 0 as default…he could have stated this but didnt…otherwise good example…

Tony Wong says:

I love how condescending he is @3:25

Tad M says:

You are crushing it dude! Nice video.

Syed Hussaini says:

How did you achieve the handwriting effect in the video. Please share

Avi Aryan says:

You are so good thanks a lot.

Satoshi Nakamoto says:


Gaurav Pandey says:

Great simple video but… HOW WILL YOU PRINT THE OUTPUT?? There is no showData method.
>>> Output is blank <<< class Account2{ int a; int b; public void setData(int c ,int d){ a = c; b = d; } public static void main(String args[]){ Account2 obj1 = new Account2(); Account2 obj2 = new Account2(); obj1.setData(2,3); obj2.setData(4,5); } }

Rajesh Kumar says:

How can I get your all videos on java tutorials???

M G says:

***Correction***: public static void main(String[] args) /
args can be written as argument too (you can actually write it as anything eg.: abcd, placeholder, putWhateverWordYouWant, declare)

тσвι says:

Thank you 🙂

Druuu says:

Doooood….that is awesome..i always had confusion about this keyword even after decent research but none was so satisfying as this…realy thanq so much..

Mark Goldstein says:

Well done. THIS is a great video.

simarjit kaur says:

this was damn confusing for me… this video really helped… thnku for uploading……

Charlie Brown says:

Maybe I’m nitpicking, but “public static void main(String[] args)” is changing form several times in the video.

Sandeep Varma says:

hello nice tutorials, can you post “android app dev”tutorials..using eclipse..

avi bank says:


Justin Herrera says:

wth. this tutorial only makes me fully understand the this keyword. thanks to you,

Anil Mawji says:

Ahh, first impression is that you should probably be using tabs. Regardless, it is a great tutorial- thanks for making it!

BALLAsTvDotCom says:

these are THE BEST TUTORIALS I have no idea why u can explain so simply and no teachers can, simple to the point with great real world examples… GREAT for refreshers

RD says:


Jonathan Nott says:

I got like 11 errors when trying to compile the first time.
As a beginner I had no idea how to correct it, but I just followed the errors saying “Expecting [” so, with trial and error I just removed “args” from the brackets and put it next to it..

Example: (String [ ] args)

Complied and Boom! then as the video went on I saw his code had changed to remove “args” from those brackets.

Still don’t understand why or how it works that way, but i’m sure it will make sense soon.

ew cringe says:

use an IDE, damn

Gaurav Kumar says:

nyc i got it, really helpful.

tahto tae says:

tanx sir

Licknan Lepcha says:

Thanks i got what “this” keyword meant!!! 

Tanmaya Rana says:

aswm man…..

goswamm says:

Great way to explain. I was struggling to understand this concept for very long time. Now clear as water.

Dave Compton says:

Very useful, but please stop using ‘append’ when you mean ‘prepend’ 8¬]

HerdingDogRescuer says:

OK, this one jumped a light year ahead and I am confused. What happened to Tutorials 11 and 12? You are introducing so many new concepts here that you have totally lost me.

DarkLevis says:

. operator looks weird for it as this should be a pointer but hay, it’s java

Mariappan Eddiah says:


Neeraj Bhasin says:

why this should be the first call in constructor? anyone?

Ali Al-Mahdi says:

OK sometimes things are not as complex as they seem to be, it’s only a matter of how you convey an idea, and you did a great job at that.

Internet user says:

So this.var indicates it is the variable of the class and not the parameter?

ganxe says:

thank you

random name says:

thank you! and also provide the user the option to view the video in full screen at your website

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