Java Tutorial For Beginners 13 – Arrays in Java

code used in the video –

arraylist java
string array java
array class java
multidimensional array java
array length java
dynamic array java
2d array java
print array java


ravi kishore says:

how to print the sum of unique numbers in an given array?

Samuel Baker says:

That smoke detector tho lol

Dhruv Tripathi says:

are nahi array -_- chutiye

Amy Amit says:

thankyou so much ^_^

Aubrey Gold says:

most of these arguments are appeals to emotion rather than actual arguments.

Benson Harison says:

did bachelor of computer applications and learned shit
watched your vids made a calculator in like 2mins

Jalal rk says:

I’m having fun with these lessons !

Matthew James says:

public static void main(String[] args) {
int[] intarray={47,57,69,74,11};


int element=0;
while (element<5){

Rohit Sinha says:

Well Explained..

Morad Morad says:

Hey bro .first i wanna thank you for your efforts made on java…. i wanna know how can use view

jayanthi k says:

How to get size of an array

Manish Tiwary says:

your quality of teaching is so impressive …u tougth practically all the concept…:)

Jatin Suneja says:

I dint understand what is the importance of ++ during while loops or at every places…. ? Please respond to my answer +ProgrammingKnowledge !!

Michael Vandi says:

I was hoping you would explain two dimensional arrays

Manish Jangra says:

is there is no need to define the size of array when we declare it….if not then tell me why???

J. Twexdo says:

My method is first watch to the video and at the end i do exactly what u do but i add something from the past videos

Akshay Das M.K says:

In c we can insert the elements of an array using scanf and a while/for loop, how do you do it in java?!

Uae Realtors says:

excellent tutorials!

S.A Gaming says:

i learned more of this video than my whole ap computer science class

Roy Passenger says:

int [ ] x = new int [3];
int [ ] x = {1,2,3};
are them same?

Kaushik Chincholikar says:

Your teaching is simple and easy to understand. I am new to the software and do not have any kind of knowledge. But this tutorial is where i am learning all about java. Thank you!!!

Amit Rai says:

your videos are good but not best. bcoz user defined value are not taught any of your video. what if someone want user defined array?

Brian Wahlstrom says:

To avoid the problem of going over the number of values in your array, use (nameofarray).length in the comparison.

Rahul Parmar says:

It didn’t given me any error even after using 6

Anupama M.L.N says:

I downloaded eclipse mars version and it is taking more than 20 secs to give the output, whenever I run a java program . Can anyone please help me with this?

Kyowo ikar says:

could also do these ways too :

for(index = 0;index <=4;index++) { System.out.println(myArrays[index]); } /////// do { System.out.println(myArrays[index++]); } while(index<=4);

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