Java Tutorial for Beginners – Original Step by Step

Updated to latest Java 8 version
Easy to follow step by step Java programming tutorial.
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In 6 hrs you will learn all the important concepts of Java, each explained using small simple programs. The teaching method used, will be the easiest way to learn Java, that you will ever find.

Now updated to the latest Java 8 version. Includes topics on Generics, Console input, Reflection, Annotations, Lambdas and Stream API


sudharsan Palanisamy says:

I’ve never learnt java by understanding rather than copying in exam. Even my teacher was not this much clear about java. you are great , keep on posting tutorial.


Superb tutorial of java basics. Really it helps me a lot to start with basics of the java.
Thumbs up for the tutorial.

Nishita Kumar says:

Honestly one of “THE” Best tutor I have comeacross so far. God bless you. Your teaching method is simply awesome and you make it dead easy for non-programmers too.

Chatur Bhuja says:

Your teaching style is clear and excellent. I learned Java in this Video only and it is worth for me. Thank you.

Saim Adnan says:

Yar Bro u just made my day .. thanks a lot .. this tutorial is amazing specially for freshies like me .. thanks 🙂

Vinayak Nagaraj says:

what i could not learn in 5 months bro you taught me in 1hr 27min
thanks a lot

Ghafoor Baltistani says:

i am learning java programming but i thought it is very complicated language after watching this video i feel java is simple language …….thumbs up sir

Patrick Röich says:

Patrick, I just wanted to say THANK YOu very much for this video. It really helped me in the basics and I think the way you explain will also help losts of people in the future.

Regards from Buenos Aires!

Johurul I. says:

If you were my math teacher at my high school I could have got 101/100

aditya muddana says:

sir your teaching was really so clear,This video shows how passionate about to teaching you are. thank u so much .it was helps to me a lott

Kathleen Kim says:

Thank you so much I learned within an hour and a half. This is very helpful. Good Job!

Pooja H J says:

Thank you. You explanation made me to understand clearly. Amazing work by you

desalegn atnafu says:

You made Java look very easy with this tutorial.
thanks a lot !!!

abhinav pandey says:

You have made my life so much easier. I have been learning Java Programming for 1 month now and still have no clue what my teacher says in class. This video is so efficient and concise, and that honestly amazes me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

angel raval says:

I guess the video is not good….it was so freaking very very good! it was so…. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

Vamshi reddy Bommana says:

nice teaching easy to understand java awesome tutor

Manthra Moorthy says:

Taught in a correct speed and easy to follow great hard work was put behind it I guess……thank u

basir behrooz says:

The best lecturer i have ever listen to
thank you so much
you are amazing .
thanks a billions

Afshania Rahman says:

This tutorial is so organized and easy to learn.It helps me a lotttttttttttttt….Thnxxxx man u have such a great power to reach the audience mind..

phone gamer says:

thank you so much for this tutorial it really made it simple to learn.

Akash gupta says:

Best Video ever ever ever ever taught in Java.Never seen this kind explanation before on YOUTUBE.Hats off to you it’s just Stupendously, fantabulous, amazing, gobsmackingly, excellent, unforgettable.No further words to say.
I would rather say you should make other programming languages (Famous or needy one) video just like the above.

Enis Gusinac says:

In past 3 months I have followed many: Derek Banas, Bucky Roberts, etc, etc…. But no doubts…. THIS IS THE BEST TUTORIAL on the YouTube!!! Sooo easy to understand, sooo well explained !!!
I had the trouble with Indian-English, but its all OK.Thats my issue.
I follow this man with no doubts !!! BEST REGARDS MAN !!!

Sanvit Sonkar says:

Helped me to learn and understand java

Nikolai Jones says:


Jesse Wakukha says:

Am the beginner and am truly glad to meet you Patrick,i find this easy to go ahead

samcrew says:

this is probably the greatest tutorial video ever created.

Shaffi Tsuma says:

Thank you so much Patrick for making it easy for people like us who have not done a Java course to understand what the language is all about

Shekhar Srivastava says:

Awesome tutorial. It really help me. Before watching your video i was afraid of the word Java. Thank u v much Sir. Fully satisfied with your teaching and presentation methodology. Please continue uploading more tutorial of java. I want to learn more. Thanks a lot.

phone gamer says:

I’m 16 and I’ve been learning Java from other sources but this one is amazing clear,easy and simple I now feel knowledgeable about the program thanks again

Nanda Mahi says:

wow it’s so simple to learn Java…. u gave me that confidence… awesome yaar

Mohamed Habib says:

Man you are brilliant, you’ve saved me in my final exam 😀 been the whole year tryna understand this shit from the doc but never got it except now from you 3 hours before the exam
Hugeeeee Thanks <333

Virginia Chubo says:

You the best teacher ever. I now understand java because you give real life example, so for me its easy to grasp

Suleyman Hashi says:

Awesome video and really helpful in learning Java. Really wish my programming teacher was as good as you. 😉

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