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This course will show you the fundamental concepts of java.


Deepjyoti Baishya says:

I need demo than I buy this video .

Saikat Dalui says:

Very Nice…

Sathyapriya S says:

Wrong information. You mentioned Java is pure OOP. But it is not. Java is not 100% OOP because of its primitive data types.

Achin says:

sir can you please tell about Enterprise Java Beans:-EJB roles—EJB Client-Object -container-Transaction Management—implementing a
Basic EJB Object-Implementing session Beans-Implementing Entity Beans-Deploying an enterprise Java Beans
Object-Changes in EJB1.1 specification

Sackatizer Games says:

keep expecting some memes so come around

steves jacky says:

great video for java explation.

Gabriela says:

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Argentina Gibson says:

wow! this course is great!

Victor T says:

Damn I must be the only one that needs this shit somehow broken down to even simpler terms.

abdallah omutere says:

Great video…very precise and direct to the point

Show all Memes says:

Exactly my life. I do the simplest things and I get and error when i run the program. fml

Nero Adam says:

Is the next video !?

BC Gaming says:

can we use winrar instead of 7 zip

Marti&Tom says:

very sexy voice

David Adjetey says:

Sounds like text to speech on kindle

Nat Skygge says:

I cant take the way he says “Java” xD

Ibrahim Dahab says:

it great i learn a lot from your tutorial{i am beginner} thanks

rahul lord says:

sir thanks for doing this for free hats off for you i salute to you sir

words cant express how much i am happy …

Tech Gamer says:

nice and very helpfull video sir.

Sion Elfyn says:


Alelu Melelu says:

the machine voice makes it hard to stay in this course !

sanjeev bhagat says:

good for java biggner

Kiran Jagnade says:

very nice I will be succesful

Dylan Good says:

um ya im not going to listen to that voice for an hour nice try though

Nawaz Khan says:

The voice i hate this machine voice anyways the video is superb…

May Lara says:

Thank you so much!!! I understand everything and I was doing the practices at the same time excellent!!

Sreenivaas Dadhee Kumar says:

very nice

Scott Silva says:

Thank you very much.

scoobe tweety says:

Well done. I really appreciate this video. Explanations are more understandable even for difficult concepts. It helps to gain knowledge and skills.

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Aliquo says:

The computer voice is weird but I learned a lot from watching this video.

moist faucet says:

I took Java 101, and I fail miserably, because I have no idea how exactly to do it. the Prof never teach anything only few key words. This is not what I expected.

What I am expected is like this, I want to make a box with red color inside. all i can do just simply type :

Make box – Color ( Red ) inside.

but in fact it turn out, it is just fucking make no sense at all. all those code.
so I was thinking, is it possible the way we communicate with the computer the same way we are writing the instruction on essay ?

To make even a Kid understand what is it what we wrote on the program. THAT’s What i am looking for in computer programming. after Java101, I am done with computer bull shit. then I was thinking is it possible to create your own language ?

Eddie P. says:

I agree with other comments. I hate the voice. It makes it hard to follow. Would be so much better with a human voice.

Bill Brett says:

Java has been around long enough thay everybody should be e on “Objective-C”, the name of an object-oriented dialect of C in competition with the better-known C++ (it is used to write native applications on the NeXT machine). Objectionable-C uses a Smalltalk-like syntax, but lacks the flexibility of Smalltalk method calls, and (like many such efforts) comes frustratingly close to attaining the {Right Thing} without actually doing so.

Ryan Rios says:

I’m sorry, come again!!??

Bhagya Sri says:

D:>D:>Error: could not open `C:Program FilesJavajre1.8.0_121libamd64jvm.cfg’
‘D:’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

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The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

D:>operable program or batch file.
‘operable’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Bill Brett says:

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dkrsingh1 says:

Ya this is the best tutorial, even a dumb guy can learn. Thanks

Foodtube says:

Dude where did the results go @34:26 ???

Servelan Byron says:

Jump to 16:00 to skip the history intro. Jump to 21:09 if you already have java and eclipse installed.

ryan marvel7 says:

i have a 32 bit os which jdk to choose ?

John Ibrahim says:


Abhay Raje says:

Letts start..

Johnny Fours says:

Very good video !

Yuvasri Pannerselvam says:

I am a beginner and its really helpful 🙂

Outsydah says:

This is one awesome robot dude. I need him to teach all of my classes. Fire all professors now!

Legend x27 says:

jesus the voice

Edward Gil says:

this is for Windows only

Dzenis Hankusic says:

The best tutorial on Java [for beginners] that you can find on YT. Thanks.

galloe says:

Quick question. I know there’s many different ways to write a program, but what is the purpose of the + args[0] + concatenations and then having to create an argument for it to print? It seems like a few extra steps when you can just use System.out.println(“Hello your name!!”);

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