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This is an updated Java tutorial that covers what you’d find in a 1,000 page book. I cover Main, Println, Variables, Data Types, Casting, Math, Random Numbers, Strings, StringBuilder / StringBuffer, Arrays, ArrayList, Iterators, LinkedList, User Input, Conditionals, If / Else, Ternary Operator, Switch, For, While, Do While, Methods, Recursion, Enumerated Types, Exception Handling, Class, This, Getters / Setters, Printf, Inheritance, Interface, Abstract Classes, Streams, Map, Filter, Reduce, Lambda Expressions, File System Manipulation, Character Streams, Binary Streams, Generics, Threads, Databases and more.

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Champ Fisk says:

I would like to see the extension to the video about servlets. Perhaps some Restful web services. Not sure about Java fx tho

Jordi says:

are you doing a phoenix tutorial soon?

eSports Bulgaria says:

Idea – Learn in One for some modern framework React/Vue or something else like GraphQL. It would be great since most decent video tutorials are paid.—Köp & sälj hemlagat says:

*watched a video about Java* -> applies for developer position….

arun xxl says:

Come on man Java is no longer free

avi12 says:

8:16 Or lowercase

SmartDroiDesign says:

Quite shocking you covered so much of Java in one video, I am speechless haha Consider maybe using IntelliJIDEA as IDE for the next video, and maybe add some cool extra stuff like, Sphinx libraries for voice recognition ( and JavaFX for the GUI side.
Thanks for all these tutorials, you’re a precious source of information, please keep it up!


You are amazing brother

Anand Prakash says:

Best teacher on YouTube !!

Daniel says:

ohhh .. maybe I’ll refresh my Java here, it was quite some time. I work in JS about two years now and do not want to go back to Java, but do not forget it also 🙂
Thx for this video.

The noob says:

I have a suggestion, the D language as your next tutorial. It’s very underrated and used for machine learning at Netflix and data managing at Facebook. Ebay also uses it and I believe they all have a very good reason to use the unpopular language.

ProgrammingFun says:

Microsoft Q# tutorial please

Beyar N says:


Fr0d0B2g0sz says:

Java 11.0.1? It’s out of date! Now we have Java 11.0.2!

patel aakash says:

@derek banas, hey man which theme you’re using in eclipse?

NotASpyReally says:

“boxed is going to return an int that’s boxed to an integer”
This tutorial is good. It’s useful, I’m not going to deny that. But, it is definitely not made for newbies.
And about the “don’t use adblock” in the description… Wouldn’t it be nice if AdBlocker had a filter for specific youtubers?

Derek Banas says:

00:23 Intro
02:11 Main
04:51 Println
05:38 Variables
06:18 Data Types
10:03 Casting
12:57 Math
15:56 Random Numbers
17:04 Strings
23:18 StringBuilder / StringBuffer
26:30 Arrays
33:39 ArrayList
36:05 Iterators
36:57 LinkedList
39:45 User Input
42:11 Conditionals
42:54 If / Else
45:06 Ternary Operator
45:43 Switch
47:07 For Loop
47:33 While Loop
48:55 Do While Loop
50:20 Methods
53:28 Receiving Multiple Attributes
57:37 Recursion
1:01:03 Enumerated Types
1:02:01 Exception Handling
1:04:34 Thor Vs. Loki
1:04:51 Class
1:07:26 This
1:07:45 Getters / Setters
1:15:00 Printf
1:22:50 Inheritance
1:27:35 Interface
1:33:22 Abstract Classes
1:34:28 Streams
1:36:37 Map
1:37:49 Filter
1:39:18 Reduce
1:41:01 Lambda Expressions
1:44:11 File System Manipulation
1:46:21 Character Streams
1:50:09 Binary Streams
1:54:02 Generics
1:58:26 Threads
2:10:06 Databases

JavaFX, Java Web Start, Servlets and Server Pages coming soon

bmx666bmx666 says:

call super.block() is much clear, than copy paste same code

Daniel says:

Btw .. I just looked at one speed run in Resident Evil 2 and several no hit speed runs in Dark Souls trilogy.
You videos are kinda like speed runs in world of programming languages 😀

nikufellow says:

Derek is this better than your old Java part series? I mean does this cover everything they have. Because I was about to start those as I like your style .

Maximilian Frühschütz says:

You are an amazing person Derek, I love how you cover nearly every tech that is in demand (and even that which is not!). Thank you so much for your hard work.

Anonymous says:

Using Eclipse in 2019. Kek xD

Frits van Doorn says:

Another masterpiece

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