Learn Java Basics Simply in 8 Minutes [JAVA TUTORIAL]

How to learn Java programming language quickly and easily in 8 minutes? Well, IBST made it possible!

Of course, it is a short representation of Java that lacks some main concepts; however, due to lack of time, only the basic concepts are presented in this video and it is recommended for the viewers to watch and learn from other tutorials aswell.


https://eclipse.org/downloads/ and choose Eclipse Mars or any other latest Eclipse that is compatatible with your operating system

thenewboston tutorials, great java tutorials for every beginner and advance developer


rishi Gupta says:

really effective and on on-point tutorial. great work!!!

john kevin says:

its is nice and good…


danintexas says:

I needed a crash on Java – Been years – this just brought me up to speed in 8 min. Seriously thank you for doing this

Nilesh Kantak says:

You are Amazing, I love the speed of teaching. Thank you for sharing.

Noor Turk says:

thank you a lot.

Prime Shadows says:

For those who have never done any programming. Java is not a place to start!

Look for C++ tutorials and then come back here. This way it’s much easier to understand and will also help to understand any other programming languages.

Natalie Ambriz says:

How would I right a command to make a robot do something with a remote control? How would I used the different data storers (int, ect) for this situation?


you missed a loop

the do-while loop

francis b says:

you can try this examples of java program
java programs in
-decimal to binary
-binary to decimal
-logic AND function
-powerset using concatinate
-simple transaction
-square root,square, cube root
-sum, product and average of 5 numbers


SayJee says:

Java is like javascript

Silent says:

Отличное видео, я многому научился

mayur kadam says:

Good job
Keep it up

Shinique04 says:

Best video ever!

Sangeeta Kushwaha says:

Well,sir that was a great help but would you post a video for functions and constructors in java .. I always have a hard time with those i hope u help me out.

Raman Malkania says:

short and precise

Abdul Roshan says:

Thank you..

Hakim Ibrahim says:

Just needed something to revise Java! Great Thanks!

Mathew Van Gool says:

Отличный видеограф. Вы научились говорить на английском из анекдотов «В Советской России».

Mohammed Gulfraz says:

I’ve been learning JAVA for a while now and I was still confused a little bit. This video helped me understand it better. Your video is very simple and easy to learn. Thank you so much.

WILLY Yum says:

I downloaded the version 9.0.1,and there’s no such option as “class”,can u give me the steps of using my version to create a “class”?

Rationalific says:

Excellent overview. There is some new important bit of information talked about every five seconds. Of course, people learning will need to go more slowly, but I got some basics elsewhere, and this helped to tie it all together, and is a reference I can come back to.

lingeswaran nagarajan says:

such a marathon session for java programming

ewok_111 says:

Was in a tight spot. Thank for this, it was very understandable and made my situation quite memeable.

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