Learn Java Tutorial for Beginners, Part 13: Classes and Objects

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A basic tutorial on using classes and objects in Java, plus some discussion of what classes and objects actually are. This tutorial focuses on classes containing only data; next time I’ll look at “methods”.


MBG 1996 says:

I can hear this guy’s saliva building up in his mouth goddamn

R. Azizi says:

Just start learning java from your excellent videos…you rock bro:) thank you

connor connolly-moyls says:

Drink a goddam glass of water dude

ali khatab says:

The program cant find the main class, I have this problem when I write before public

Kgb says:

Voice is very ASMR haha. This tutorial still applies but for new people I would recommend checking out Java 8 tutorials for the most up to date usage of Java. Don’t learn old material

Indy Maat says:

Your voice is very comforting!
Also your explanation is very comforting.

Psyche Artis says:

Nope…not gonna pass this exam….sigh

Swedish coder says:

Very well done video.

The gamer says:

can I write .. string name ; and int age;
outside any class . and would make the same effect ????

minimalist34 says:

Thank very much Cave of Programming, your tutorials are the most concise and clear explanations on important fundamental concepts, I salute you sir!

Dillon Coffman says:

I clicked on the video to learn, was greeted by some fancy piano. Top that off with a soothing British accent and some string instrumental and I felt like I had to get up and put on a suit.

Deco Joe says:

your videos are the Best at breaking down Java ; Your voice sounds like Zartan from the Gi Joe cartoon. very cool

Dev BrownBear says:

Thank you, Sir.

GaborBartal says:

1.25x speed is a must

Esteban V. Prado says:

You have a truly soothing voice haha and I really really like you videos. I’ve been trying to grasp the concept of classes and objects, and I finally feel like I’m understanding. Thanks 🙂

Daniel Jones says:

5:31 General Kenobi

Hadrian Stave says:

So i play the video, listen to the music and hear that british accent-and i become certain: This guy can teach some CLASS

Bobby Jones says:

No homo, but this man accent on point and he is using all the terms like state that are 8n my book.

Shilpa Gupta says:

hello Sir,
Here you have not declared the class PERSON as Public…so how it is getting accessed in main ??
is that ..the class person is bydefault public ?

nathan Heath says:

made my lecture 1000 times easier

slier81 says:

what is the purpose of `public` keyword infront of a `class` ?

MrKool951 says:

Oh man, this ten minute video made so much more sense than my two hour lecture.

Andrew Cisneros says:

Those obnoxious self-centered breathing tactics

Michael Boerrigter says:

One of the better tutorials explaining classes in Java.

dafdarf says:

Ignore this if it’s explained later, but so far …
I’m baffled that you created a new class called “Person” and defined variables (name & age) in it, but the objects of that class (person1, etc) are not actually IN that class, but in the main class.  most peculiar, momma 

Gaurav Chauhan says:

why we have to create object in main class , can’t we create it in person class itself?

Doug0101 says:

Is this the same guy from udemy? It sounds just like him and the intro music is very similar to udemy’s videos on the iphone app.
Very good video I’ll have to watch it again though.

Heat4Life says:

Thanks to this tutorial I have come up with this:

>>>>>HALL OF FAME< <<<< Mark Zuckerburg|Age: 24|Rank: Private Markuss Persson|Age: 34|Rank: Sergeant Soap McTavish|Age: 46|Rank: Captain Gabe Newell|Age: 48|Rank: General >>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<

thexxmaster says:

Thanks for this.

I don’t understand why you need to declare what ‘type’ the person1 variable is?
I’m referring to the ‘Person person1 = new Person()’ line.
I would understand if it was like this ‘ person1 = new Person()’ as you are creating a new object but i don’t understand why there is the need for the first person.

Any help would be great.


dunbustin says:

If you declare a variable of type Person by putting   Person person1;   you get the message that it has not been initialised when you attempt to assign age and name values to it.

David Kim says:

Wow… This video was very clear and helped me understand. Thank you!

Mahadonation1 says:

thanks for this, the fog is starting to settle KEEP IT UP!

AQ Nahid says:

Really Really helpful 🙂 Thank you so much

Noah Massey says:

Have you heard of a glass of water?

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