Learn Programming in Java – Lesson 01 : Java Programming Basics

IMPORTANT: If you’re going this this tutorial, from start to finish please begin with lesson 00. It explains how to get setup and where to find the source code. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8gMEV8GKbg

This first lesson covers the basic anatomy of a java program. We’ll write a simple “Hello World” program and then improve upon it so that it
prompts for our name and then says hello to us. Along the way we’ll touch upon statements, blocks, objects, variables, classes, the main() method, System.out and literal strings.


Thomas Medlin says:

Michael, Could something be wrong with my download? I have NetBeans downloaded.

royal moves says:

very nice and easy to understand

John Michael Sabnal says:

Good morning Sir , where is the exercises?thanks

Nagib Aslouni says:

Thanks Michael, a very straight forward tutorial

Jane E says:

Thank you Michael, this has helped me to clear many of my doubts. I had a hard time grasping the concept in class. Thanks to this, I have cleared up most of my doubts. Yes I have subscribed to your channel. 😀

Ykeloy says:

Thanks, Michael! Found this amazing tutorial! Easier to follow, and much clearer than anything else I found about Java.

Thomas Medlin says:

Michael, I am studying your video and get to the part where it should say “Hello Thomas” and it only says “running”. Continues with running and never says “Hello Thomas”.

hadi reg says:

Michael, you’re one of the BEST teachers out there!! You anticipate on every question one could have! 🙂

Michael Galke says:

Mike—Your teaching style is perfect for me… for how I learn and comprehend. Great job, and thanks so much!

Maya DiMeglio says:

Thank you for these videos. This is the first time I’ve ever heard “print lin”.Best

TraceguyRune says:

14:34 IDEs are making us dumb. A lot of older programmers were programming in terminal windows and are far smarter. IDEs handicap us

Behzad Rouhanizadeh says:

Great!! Thanks!

Yashas M says:

Hello sir.
There’s a problem while building the file.
It says, “The active project platform is an older version than it’s required by project source/binary format. ”
Can you please help?

kaboda sugwejo says:

This is a nice tutorial, but i need to ask where we can ur tutorial source code

yogesh sachdeva says:

just started learning java . This video helps me a lot. thanks sir

Farhan Azam Chohan says:

why netbeans includes this package statement when it is not of primary importance. I have not seen it in any other code whether it is on some site or book.

zkey Legese says:

i really thank you! and i need more lesson about it!


The easiest java tutorials so far, thank you Mr.Michael.

Matt Maliaros says:

This is an excellent explanation to the basics. I will be sure to look at the other videos and I subscribed to your channel.

Dan Varlan says:

Thanks dude!

Siang James says:

hi i like ur video very much
and i wanna ask what is problem as i type the code and click run the output display only

BUILD SUCESSFUL (total time:10second)

what is this problem?

Josh Decker says:

Wonderful video! Your teaching style makes it easier to comprehend. Thank you so much.

krishankant chaudhary says:

thank you very much michael…

Solid says:

The $500 class I’m taking doesn’t even go into this much depth, these videos are a life saver.

grace amegboh says:


Chantelle girl says:

1st lesson complete- making this a summer holiday challenge to complete activities :))

silver Potato says:

java vs c++
system.out.print(! ! !);


veer singh says:

its really amazing i am from India an i am weak in java but your vedios really help me out thank you so much

Paul john says:

Thanks mike. This stuff was driving me crazy with lack of instructor input. You make sound so easy. Can I do this with Java jdk?

Leonardo Castro Céspedes says:

Great first lesson!
I wish you were my teacher

Ahmed Adel says:

Man , I Loved Java from the first video as your way was so easy and simple <3 , thx very much <3

Jane E says:

I know this may sound like a stupid question but does anyone know when can we import? And what’s the purpose of import?

BLD BLGN says:

greeting mongolia thank you.great lesson

Elijah W-B says:

this video was awesome thanks it even helped me make a little mini game where I can walk around and stuff 😀

Farhan Azam Chohan says:

So this Package statement at the starting of program is part of netbeans itself and not the java.

مي الحربي says:


cris john dimajutoc says:

do you also have an HTML lesson? thank you!!

Mihai Chisoi says:

Well done budy .
Can I get in touch with you ?
Thanks Mihai

Astra Daniels says:

Thank-you Michael. This is really helpful. Quick question: Where are the bonus/debugging exercises? Are they still available?

bhasker teja says:

my netbeans is not suggesting next predicted line can u plz explain

Esmo Dev says:

I can’t thank you enough, The videos are more than perfect

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