Object Orientated Programming Concepts – Java Intermediate Tutorial #1

Please don’t drag the nozzle across the timeline just cause its to long, this is important stuff. Here we will dive into the goodies of OOP and Java by learning how to work with a bigger project involving more than 1 class.

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Leonard Kiano says:

awesome tutorial just what i was looking for, helped me a lot thanks, keep at it

Tio Boonmee says:

omg how old is this kid? he’s so smart. i feel humiliated lol

ZadeFx says:

XD “unless you’r kind of stupid. Ah. Poop.” XD laughed so hard at that

Waqas Chishti says:


ZadeFx says:

3.55 I am sitting there screaming, IT’S A F*CKING GPU GRAPHICS PROCESSING UNIT!!! 😉

jordan lynch says:

The sad thing is i’m in university and i find this stuff complicated. This child is around 13 years old and flying through it 

napster6185 says:


Sanaulhassan Sunny says:

good work

carpetburn says:

Lol hates on Acer
But does does java developing on a fucking mac

Sandro Martins says:

Good job man

Joseph Bryan Aniñon Boyboy says:

thanks a lot kid!! Very much helping 🙂

U got my sub.

Tarique Mahmud says:

You were just a kid! very impressive 🙂

dijalamki says:

Lovely tutorial. What compiler is this?

Pennycue says:

Jesus you taught me this better than my lecturer…

SirLazy Yes Sir says:

Changed my life . Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much .

SJoel Yondo says:



thats some nice clean basic code

binalfew says:

kid or weird voice?

el patio de los 40 G says:

are you doing this really good

RunLoveLive says:

18:15 lolol, had me laughing “Uhhh… 69”

Brian Pacheco says:

Great refresher tutorial. I had a gifted teacher at CS but not so much in communication – he had a hard time describing these concepts to us and his accent was kind of thick and hard to understand.

PPartisan says:

Good job! Glad to see I’m on the track with what I’m doing at the minute, your example code looks pretty much exactly like what I’m practicing right now.

MinecraftMan7778 says:

haha win

TomCaT ToM says:

Hello, fantastic excellent explanation of OOP 🙂 Just a bit at the end about the static COUNT, why am I still expecting the count to be 69 + 5 and not just 69. I still don’t understand why it only outputs 69… ??? 

infamousentnyc says:

Great tuts man your gonna be an amazing programmer, whatever company gets you will be lucky.

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