Programming Flappy Bird in Java! (Full Tutorial)

In this video, we program Flappy Bird in Java, in a very simplistic form!
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Download my version of Flappy Bird!

Look at the source code over on github!

Hey everyone! Users 00WhiteBlade, Adeyemi Ibijemilusi have requested for me to create a side scrolling game, so I’ve done it!


Ibrahim Berber says:

Thank you so much!

Vũ Nguyễn Hoàng says:

I got a NullPointerException at line FlappyBird.flappyBird.repaint(g);
What is the problem?
Sr for my English

Ricky Septian says:

What if im using neatbeans as a compiler. is that just the same like eclipse?

Hadermite says:

Actually, you’re not supposed to do “onewordNextword” in package names in Java, you should do “oneword_nextword” 🙂

cr kushal says:


Александр Борисов says:

speak clearly. don’t swallow the words

Shashank Borse says:

Awesome video learnt alot from this video. I just wanted to know what if i want to put an image in the background and instead of the columns a image of poles or something like that what i need to do in this same program. Appreciate your help.

Đặng Thái Dương says:

code game error

Muhammedh Nafees says:

I love your explanation bro… keep it up, we are expect more from you

Henri says:

Nice Video, thanks bro! 🙂

Drodus says:

“I could probably go on for a while” *Dies at 6*

JiHo Han says:

What is the shortcut for opening the Window.class?

RD says:

thanks for the tutorial


really helpful! please try to increase the font size next time when you do a video. It will be easily visible.

Noctis Lucis says:

those fuking explainings, man who comes here has a bit of an ideea about java , so i didn’t get the point of those long comments……

Mindboggler123 says:

I am getting an error at ‘if (start)’ saying “cannot find symbol- variable start” what am I doing wrong?

itsthecrazytom says:

This helped me create my first Graphical Java application, thank you sir! A subscription well earned 🙂

swishy _ fishy says:

THIS IS NOT A JAVA TOTORIAL!!!! dont spend the first 10 mins explaining things people should already know

I see ,what you did there. says:

How bout the package

Putin Nigga says:

si me entiendes que bien bro neta muchas gracias por este codigo base me servira de mucho!!

shahana alam says:


Rafael Vieira says:


McMatthew99 says:

It is really great that you explain even the small stuff, really helps one comprehend how the code works.

Leo Garza says:

This might be a little personal, but how old are you? You look very young.

Mitch Rehaume says:

You know how to program but you’re fucking clueless on how to zoom on screen capturing software. WTF man?

Antony Quigley says:

Hi, no one seems to do this. But could you should me something? Thats
not complicated. ALl i want, is for someone to show me, how you take say
a character from a spritesheet (basic is fine), and take a planet green
background (to represent grass) and code the character from the sheet
to move around in a top down fashion with up down left right keypresses.

Just a basci character, moving up down left right on a green background
from 4 directional keypresses. no physics or jumpng or anything. i just
want to see how much work goes into the simplest thing, and how
hard/easy it is to use a sprite sheet to make a character move around.
Thank you


brother I m stuck between these two lines
renderer = new Renderer(); jframe.add(Renderer); its giving me error

George Cooper says:

Here is a flappy bird programmed in python:

Saboor Hamedi says:

can you provide me bro one of your java game book

W Big says:

System.out.println(“You Are Awesome!!!”);


and another question is why we create a separate class for renderer is it necessary ?

Grim says:

For me the bird always spawns at the bottom of the screen/top of the grass. So the variabel gameOver is always true. pls help?

Sentenced says:

If you’re going to use keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys, please tell us what you’re pressing.

mandy ronald says:

thanks for the tutorial , .
but please always make ur texts bigger. I can’t read anything or even watch from my phone ,! thanks

Issa M says:

Am I the only one having problems with the intersects method? What could be another way to write this?

Life Hacks des Alltags says:

Hello, I’ve got a (big) problem, when I make the speed from 10 to 13 or 15 or… then the counter(score) doesen’t work right
It’s going, but wrong…

*Sorry for my bad english
I hope you knew, what I mean

Pls answer soon,

Thank you 😉

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