1.1: Introduction – p5.js Tutorial

In this video, I talk about p5.js. What is it? What can you do with it? Where did it come from? What is its relationship with Processing? p5.js is both a library for JavaScript and a beginner-friendly editor where you can build creative computational projects in the browser. It can be used for art, data visualization, and websites alongside other tools like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

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ahammed imtiaze says:

Its so funny and interesting ,,,, i am blessed to have to have teacher like you,,, make me feel glad and laugh to learn,,, A lot of thanks to you ! God bless u, May u long live !

Syed Najam Abbas Naqvi says:

people watch movies while eating or similar videos. i watch your vids. they are interesting

Live_ Destin says:

Dan i need help, every time I try to run a program processing p5.js mode it wont work, it opens the web browser but dosnt do enyhting. When i first got processing p5 mode it worked fine but I havnt ran it in a long time and when i did the other day its broken 🙁 Really want it to work becuse so meany of your videosare in JS but i cant fallow along.

Gaimz says:

How do I get p5 to run on windows 10. Pls help ty.

Tanjin Habibur says:

what are the differences between this tutorial and processing tutorial ??
is it OK if I first learn with this tutorials ??

Daniel Ro says:

ur not that funny, but i like the way you talk

john harper says:

was a good vid!

MrHwil says:

Cool! I am looking forward to learning from this course. 😀

memetrick says:

Great video!

s Bori says:

You are intresting . But P5 zip file doesn’t open in Windows 10 . Why???

ZerefGG says:

The best video to start learning js

Vikram Oldham says:

great introduction, wasnt really interested into coding but now am. Interesting hobby and gr8 skill to know

harshit sahu says:

how can I download p5.js ??? I download p5.js but it give some error… “jscript compiler error” so what I have to download to run p5.js?? pleaseee help me sir

Mukesh Aryal says:

Hey can you make a video series on Python???? Please!!!!!!

Manisha Hanavate says:

Man u r vry irritating

Abrit Pal Singh says:

Should I take this course. If I don’t know JavaScript?

Flyin' high says:

Wait a minute, minecraft uses java script, js isles HTML, a tag based system, can I type in chat and break everything

Erdem Balli says:

Ever watched Mr.Robot?? You look like one of the characters.. no spoiler, no names.. u r welcome

Lucius Cornelius Scipio says:

to anyone having trouble with the download, on the http://p5js.org/download/ page, scroll down to the bottom, where is says Older releases / changelog p5, editor, and click editor, then click p5-win.zip to download the windows version of p5.js

Jackie says:

Join my Front-end Slack community which has already more than 490 members!

Abhishek thakur says:

How to edit any apk file in pc please tall me
Make a video

Abdul Wahab Shah says:

Boss You Are Great , I Really Like Your Videos, Not Just Like I Enjoyed A lot… From My Heart Honestly… <3


Is it possible to get p5 language working with notepad?

sayali zawar says:

Sir,is thire

Ahmed Ismail says:

“Even better… You do something good for the world.” Precious

test deftsoft says:

i am unable to launch an application i had done everything same as u did but i was unable to launch my first app which you had created
please help me Thanx in advance. my output is showing blank page

Dawn Larkin says:

I love you other videos so I am going to try p5.js but what editor are you using and is there particular instructions on how to set up the p5.js? Thank you!

Benjamin Uliana says:

I think this makes more sense having first watched it for the first time after watching your current videos. So many things I’d like to be able to code. Thank you for being my Yoda!

Nikolaos Tsagkarakis says:

What is the process of installing this editor on Ubuntu 16.04 ?

Cristian Popa says:

So how the hell do you write code in sublime text in the p5 language and verify it in the browser???

Samu says:

3:40 sirens xD

FideL Gonzalez says:

A+, man! A+! hahaha

Danial khan says:

If I am new to web programming, should I learn p5 or js?

Hash RV - Tech Solutions says:

hey I’m not able to Download p5 from this link… can u please help me to Download p5.

hosein movahedi says:

thanks sir and i love your videos because you alway smiling

María Alejandra Gaitán Alférez says:

I have always thought that programming is difficult, but with that way of beginning … it seems that it is like when a child has a color and sees a wall. Thank you!! A designer. Sorry for my English. =)

Alexander Hedlund says:

Can you use p5.js to make a mobile app or a computer game?Or is the only place in your browser?

Sam Harms says:

5:35 – you’re welcome 😉

didicayu mimi says:

i can’t do it in c#? :v

Dabblu says:

Hey Dan ,is p5.js really based on javascript.I got this doubt because i learnt many lessons form different tutors.but i didnt find so many of stuf that we use in p5.js

Rajdeep Majumder says:

You just gave me a dream to become a programmer…..love from Kolkata, India.

Chan Choi says:

thank you! keep up the good work!

Mauricio CV says:

Gr8! Awesome class, mate. Hell of a teacher!

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