12: What Are Events In JavaScript | JavaScript Tutorial | Learn JavaScript Programming

What Are Events In JavaScript | JavaScript Tutorial | Learn JavaScript Programming. In this video you will learn about the HTML event attributes and how to use them in JavaScript.

List of different HTML events: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_eventattributes.asp

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zed 0 says:

Hey guys, I have a question that is it important to study both JavaScript and PHP for making a normal Web Or PHP is enough? Please answer~
Thanks 😀

Rui Nogueira says:

thaks for the help! 🙂

Eliya Lee says:

You are the best js teacher on YT.

RH Music says:

you’re the best!!

Balochi Videos says:

i love you sir. i learn lots thing for you. your my hero

Bejenaru Victor says:

Hello, can you do more tutorials about PHP, with more advanced topics ?

Harry Dhindsa says:

can anyone tell me how to get javascript completions ? I dont get them by default

Nicholas Valentine says:

Hello, I tried to make the exact same thing, but the nav can only be hidden and can never be toggled back. I can’t find any errors, I’d be very grateful if someone look at my code and help me out! This is my code:


My JS:
function toggleNav() {
var navigation = document.getElementById(“navigation”);
var status = true;

if (status == true) {
navigation.style.left = “-200px”; // My nav is 200px wide
status = false;
} else if (status == false) {
navigation.style.left = “0px”;
status = true;

Aimee Katherine says:

Thank you!

ROMANTIC SCENTS (Bath Beauty Wellness & Soaps) says:

Thank u.

Tarun Aggarwal says:

SIr thanks a lot, I just want to know where is the video on different styling methods ? Where we can style multiple things.

Divv says:

Very well explained mister!!

Mohamed Ayman says:

Thanks, Daniel.

Jiuzhou Rubber says:

Thanks. It’s so awesome.

Pak Tube says:

very nice sir, Sir how many internal functions in PHP?

Nigel Pallatt says:

Great! Thank you.

Explorer says:

i subbed. you are a awesome teacher.helpful for self thought engineers.

Pipe nada says:

Thanks for the tutorial.
i have a problem
i dont know why my JS doesnt work. Im trying something a little bit different.
I made another JS file and then i write . I try with script inside the body and nothing.
and the code is this:

//only with this line doesnt work neither

$(‘.clickme’).each(function() {
$(this).show(0).on(‘click’, function(e) {


$(this).next(‘.box’).slideToggle(‘fast’, function() {
$(this).prev().html($(this).is(‘:visible’) ? ‘Hide’ : ‘Show’);

Ahmed Abdelkaoui says:

why you didn’t use else only? why else if?

Saad Ahmed says:

from where do i get this code?


Thank you!

Surender Kumar says:

you are awesome man…

Enrique Valladares says:

I love this video series 🙂

so clear and useful. thanks !

Cloetta says:

You’re awesome Daniel <3
You made programming much more fun!

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