15.1: What is Node.js? – Twitter Bot Tutorial

This video covers the basics of node.js. What is node.js? What is server-side programming? What might you use it for and how do you get started? Basic unix commands and working with terminal are covered.

Darius Kazemi Eyeo talk: https://vimeo.com/112289364
Allison Parrish twitter bot tutorial: http://air.decontextualize.com/twitterbot/
NY Magazine on bots: http://nymag.com/following/2015/11/12-weirdest-funniest-smartest-twitter-bots.html

All examples: https://github.com/shiffman/Video-Lesson-Materials

Contact: https://twitter.com/shiffman

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Ching Ching says:

How can I help with your website?

Shyam Sreenivasan says:

Wow! So much passion for teaching !!

IfUdiscussWithMeUrProbablyAFukkingTroll says:

Tons of people said it before: You are an awesome personality! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

kevin duran says:

you’re fucking awesome. i needed this kind of learning

Kingsley. A says:

you are touching the terminal lol

Aditya Nelakonda says:

Great tutorial. Very engaging. Would recommend. Nice haircut

Michael O'Leary says:

u saying var wrong its short for variables

Sovannara Pov says:

Which version should I download the recommended version and the latest version?

Technomaniac Dude says:

can you read your texts?

graphicsmedia says:

Very Good intro to Node.js thank u very much.

Matthew Steele says:

Unicorns don’t have wings #justsayin

Sebastian John says:

Great video.Very informative,nice presentation and great instructor!

Tammy OHagan says:

I LOVE the way you teach!

godsadog says:

Great, now those twitter bots spam Donald Trump…

ToopGaming says:

Ik you can make agar.io bots with node

Jantine Doornbos says:

You are awesome!

Aryan Kumar says:

which version should I install the LTS or the stable.

Stephen Burke says:

Two years into my CS program, I didn’t know what “pwd” stood for. Thanks for the small details!

John Mayk Brito de Lima says:

I wasn’t able to make it run on windows!
Can somebody help me?

Fanny Vieira says:

guy, how i love you haha, best videos

Aslam Shah says:

You are a great teacher! I wish i had similar teachers 🙂

David Tran says:

Loved the video. Also quite educational, thanks.

9RedPanda says:

this guy is everywhere !

Designerspen says:

I swear this guy stays baked but makes really informative videos. Keep it up

Trey Lanzer says:

You explain everything so well. Thank you.

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