Anjana Vakil: Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript – JSUnconf

Anjana’s next talk at JSConf EU in May:



备选 says:

You’re awesome, thank you

Optimus Prime says:

There is some sort of calm in her voice.Great video..

cybernessful says:

functional programming is a programming with functions 😛

Adam S says:

Thanks for explaining this concept. Easy to understand

saransh mehra says:

Great teacher..brings a smile on your face while you learn…:)

Syed Peer says:

Great video and great presenter ! Audience ie very sombre though. 30 mins well spent.

kurihai says:

This talk was so goooodd

Erik Hambardzumyan says:

I guess introducing newRoom is addin to the memory thus overwriting may actually be useful especially if a variable is no longer useful

Den Robodaenko says:

Great!!! And this is awesome Functional world on 17:10

Amaravora says:

Nice talk, though I have a couple questions and suggestions. 1. You mention that functional paradigm prefers map/reduce/filter over “for in loops” – but why? First of all, all three of those functions are using the standard iteration process under the hood – a forEach function is just like the others, only without the special variants of returning a mapped iteration, a reduced return value, or a filtered set of results. Secondly, if this is in fact a principal of functional programming, it would be helpful to convey why the for loop should be avoided, discussing drawbacks if there are any. 2. You also mention that console.log statements, which have a side effect of printing to STDOUT shouldn’t be used. Why not? And if one does want to print a console log while programming functionally, then how should we go about doing it? Anyways, good talk, thanks for the share!

Sabina Guerrero says:

thank you!!!

Paco says:

Oh my god, this is the best speech about functional program i ever seen

Mark Hunt says:

To summarize: FP > OOP

G Ray Loveless says:

Awesome. Thanks for posting this. Good job Anjana!

Shane Blackwood says:

Super Excited about learning javascript

Patrick Holtzman says:

Reduce is soooo dope, it can do everything the other higher order array functions can do AND more! Customization and bad ass-ness for days. If only you knew the POWER of the DARK SIDE!

AugustHovel says:

This helped me understand that I’ve been misapplying functional programming features that were introduced in Java 8. So, kudos on accidentally correcting me on bad code I’ve written in a completely different language.

Tuhidul islam Mridul says:

she is just amazing , i love thing about programming language

Guid You Guy says:

so anyone here got the last question ?

Asmit Basu. says:

She was a teacher, I can totally see that in the way she explained!

akhil cs says:

Keep an eye on memory usage when you use immutable data structures a lot!

Anand Maurya says:

#Great explanation, She is a good speaker.
I Got to know about functional reprogramming.

Furkan Tunalı says:

388 enterprise hardcore OOP fan Java and MVP teachers unliked this video

Khubaib Raza says:

Great speaker… Go Anjana go ..

Achmad Rauf says:

Wow anjana vakil..

Ptmp727 says:

Very good video, Very impressive that she has picked up programming so fast, very talented and you are showing a very good fundamental understanding of the core. For me personally I love OOP, It works for me, I really get it and enjoy it. I would also combine some kind of functional program. A method of an object is a function anyway.
I do find functional programming great, but I personally like OOP.
Now with ES6, Javascript also has classes,
Fundamentally Javascript is Object oriented, so it can’t really be purely functional

Jeson Dias says:

Excellent video . Very professional . Thought I’ll just pass by , but Anjana is a very good speaker .

Surahman Duang says:

Very clear! Thanks, Anjana!

Peter Cruckshank says:

Wow that was a great talk. I loved how she broke everything down and explained it. Very glad I watched

Abhishek Udataneni says:

Is this what react uses … under the hood ?

Abaid Rehman says:

thank you this wsnt boring much interesting to Liston

Mohammed Ali Baddah says:

Only people to dislike this video are OO proponents. Great job Anjana!

Astute Yard says:

It was excellent though I couldn’t gulp all the ideas.

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