Code Asteroids in JavaScript (1979 Atari game) – tutorial

In this JavaScript tutorial, you will learn to create the 1979 Atari game Asteroids from scratch using vanilla JavaScript.


⌨️1. (0:00) Spaceship creation
💻JavaScript Template:
💻Part 1 Code:

⌨️2. (33:55) Astroids creation
💻Part 2 Code:

⌨️3. (58:40) Collision Detection and Explosions
💻Part 3 Code:

⌨️4. (1:19:09) Shooting Lasers and Asteroid Destruction
💻Part 4 Code:

⌨️5. (1:48:13) Levels, Lives, and Game Over
💻Part 5 Code:

⌨️6. (2:10:10) Scoring and Saving Data Locally
💻Part 6 Code:

⌨️7. (2:20:24) Sound Effects and “Music”
💻Part 7 Code:

🔈 Sounds:

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muktesh Deshpande says:

awesome. I will be waiting for more like these from scratch vanilla JS projects.

LLIO?!_OI79ITЬ?! says:

How and where we can download materials that lesson?

patrik knoerr says:

It gets better and better. Still not done watching Connect Four, now something even more interesting !

Dhanushu Uzumaki says:

Its really amazing. If possible can you do a video or article explaining the math too?

Grizzly Hunter says:

Hands are a true master..thank you..

Manuel González Martínez says:

Part 7 code link is broken, it points to part 5 code, it is the same URL.

Abhishek Kumar says:

Thank u for this awesome video

Jobin Tweets says:

Any way to know more about the trigonometry used in the game?

Onur Yunus Colak says:

Really good tutorial. Please please keep up the awesome work

Charlike Mike Reagent says:

Super fun game, yup 😀 Pretty great time developing and playing it!

Dennie Den says:

is taking everyone else 3 days?

Andrew Kim says:

destroy all the ste(ROIDS)

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