Create a simple JavaScript Slideshow – Programming Tutorial

Create a simple JavaScript Slideshow Tutorial – JavaScript, HTML, and CSS by Jay Watson


PFH says:


Инженер 2025 says:

thank you dude i made it:)

Brett Henning says:

This is the easiest to understand slider tutorial I have come across. Excellent job and thank you very much!

Zachary Phillips says:


ivo francisco says:

Very good. Easy to understand!
Thank you!

Yrgen2 says:

Thanks! I was just about ready to give up. Works perfectly

ChroniZz says:

Awsome! Thanks

Raja Zain says:

Thumbs Up! An easy and helping tutorial which does make sense, consisting a strong logic. I’m thankful to you to upload such a great material. I don’t understand why don’t this video got more popular. But whatever Its highly recommended.

sam mackay says:

thanks but sadly it isnt working when i press next slide and the auto run doesnt work either and I have been through but i cant figure out what is wrong :/

William Peterson says:

Thank you for sharing this!! Very helpful!

Fotis Oikonomou says:

Hey Jay !
It is a pretty good tutorial and I got the most of it…
Nevertheless I have a question?
Why return false at the end of the first function?
Thanks again!

hawmahu says:

Dude, thank very very very much. Congratulations for your video.

Ziah Phillips says:


Adam s says:

Excellent basic slider. All the other sliders I’ve seen are bloated – too much code for something that’s fairly straight forward. Nice work bud.

sofiaw83 says:

Great tutorial! Did you make a video how you styled it with CSS?

atr8126 says:

best slide show tutorial that I have seen

pa th says:

nice work 🙂

BigChease says:

Thank you so much!

Mathew i says:

return false ; didn’t get that part? How js can access images than in some folder but not on actual html page?

universal programmer says:

if( imageIndex > imageLength ){
imageIndex = 0;

if (imageIndex < 0){ imageIndex = imageLength; } /// why this condition true

Evan Bush-Mahoney says:

commercial of wiener dogs #superbowl

John says:

is it responsive?

Dee Fed says:

Awesome works like a charm! Thanks

Collin Terrell says:

Is there a way to reset the autoRun function to start over when you click previous or next?

Faux Crimson says:

Your html only shows one image, how did you get all the other images inside the slideshow if they aren’t featured in the html? Are having the images in the Javascript enough? I’m new to Javascript. I guess I need to review my classes cuz I nub.

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