ES6 JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Getting Started

This video contains parts of my complete ES6 JavaScript Bootcamp Course on Udemy, which is available for $14:

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Ishraq Hossain says:

Can I learn it without knowing Javascript?

Paul Brown says:

What if u want this to point to the calling event object? Would u simply use the old style functions instead of arrow functions? Great video max! Thanks

martin uchenna says:

Can I have the video link where you discuss about the ES6 module…

Apocalypse says:

Great video! Very, very interesting! Thank You!

Arun Prabu says:

Great video to learn ES6 Basics with deep and clear understanding..

Anupam Maurya says:

destructing object => starts from 1:8:00

Carl CIFER says:

ES6 in short… “this, not this but this”

Sourish Dutta says:

Hi max a special request to you to make a video on functional programming concepts in es6 or js.

Iván Lovich says:

I have a doubt: in Python a list would be an array in JavaScript?. If is that so, what is a list in JS??

Qazim Rama says:

Awesome man!

Subbu Venkat says:

Can you tell me what is the Blockchain technology, please?
thank you.

AlexGhoro says:

Thanks for the video, very clear and nice examples dude! I still think JS is weird as fuck xD

Amir Khoutir says:

Thank you for the amazing summary

Arthur Hwang says:

I wish that you went in depth on classes. Great video otherwise

purpose gameonline says:

Hello @academind. I’ve been reading JavaScript FOR KIDS A Playful In troduction to Programming by Nick Morgan. And I saw there’s new version of Js which is ecmascript6. I’m thinking… this is too late for me??? Please I need advice…. Thanks!

Steve Burrus says:

Woulkd you please explain again using the “fat arrow” in an ES6 function? Say you have “function Steve( )”, then do you put in the “=>” or where does it go?

Vipin Sharma says:

You are awesome. I am also learning your Angular 5 Udemy course. It’s also awesome. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Kido Jung says:

the thick german accent it, LOVE IT!

Broosk Hamarash says:

I think you might have misunderstood the object literal extensions. let obj = { name, age } is a shorthand for {name: name, age: age}.

Great tutorial, thanks for making it

Ahmad Karim says:

Thanks. I cant seem to find the next lecture. About Modules. Was that even published?

babatunde ololade says:

Hey Max, I understand JavaScript basics quite well. But I don’t know why I am finding it hard to understand your React course on udemy.

Kavitha Balasubramanian says:

This is so good !!!…especially the explanation as to how const arrays can be modfied even after declaration…Nice !!!!

lardosian says:

Looking good in purple Max, definitely your colour!

Jean Deux says:

Oh god it’s like programming presented by Blue’s Clues.

Cory Taylor says:

if you have trouble with the fn2 at 31:24 binding to the expected objecet,
add /* jshint esnext: true */ to the top of the javascript section. this may happen if you are not logged in to jsbin.

Samuel Pimenta says:

In 40:05 Why age comes first?

Palash Gupta says:

do you have subtitles file???

Cipriano Sánchez says:

Aren’t all these features ES6 features only? Why does it still work in JSBin with the option JavaScript (plain) selected?

Ioanna Romei says:

Thank you very much.Very helpful.

Juan Luna says:

WOW the spread operator is like magic. I really like ES6 and of course I like your way to explain all this, maybe the best explanaition of all Youtube. Congratulations

humour says:

this man is awesome i finally fnid somebody who talk code like me and in a clear way, thanks !

harshil shah says:

Really informative. Please keep your videos simple like this. Thanks!

AmvStream says:

very useful

remmar jugarap says:

Thank you Blake Griffin !

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