Intro to Javascript – FULL COURSE (tutorial)

This course teaches you the basics of JavaScript, the most popular programming language for web development. You can also try the interactive version of the course here:

The course contains 14 lessons and 7 challenges. In the challenges, you’ll be encourage to jump into the code and get your hands dirty. This is both fun and great for making the knowledge stick.

⭐️Course Contents ⭐️

⌨️Data types
⌨️Variables (1:45)
⌨️Strings (4:11)
⌨️Numbers (11:37)
⌨️Booleans (16:41)
⌨️Arrays (20:23)
⌨️Objects (26:32)
⌨️Arithmetic operations (32:43)
⌨️Relational operations (34:31)
⌨️Increment & decrement (40:20)
⌨️If, else if, else (44:03)
⌨️Switch statements (50:22)
⌨️For loops (53:58)
⌨️While & Do While (57:30)
⌨️Functions (1:02:11)

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Ss0ph says:

I love this channel hehehe notification squad

Max Lukin says:

@freeCodeCamp should we wait for the same course but for TypeScript please? 🙂

Dylan Israel says:

You all can’t see it but this guy is super handsome 😉

Albert Mars says:


Santosh Kumar says:

When did JavaScript started needing backticks and dollar sign for string interpolation? Can anybody explain?

Kevin Godinho says:

Can’t find the JS algorithms Dylan mentions at the end on Scrimba.

The Good Googler says:

Wow, I thought the comments would be informative as the video.

Debopriyo Basu says:

Thanks for such useful videos! That’s the only reason why I enabled notifications only for this channel!

Sean Cotton says:

How many videos will be in this course?

Elijah John says:

Many thanks!

Wayne Phillips says:

15:03 For some reason, when I run that example in JSBin it’s returning “NaN”, not “null”. Hmm

JrK says:

Hi there, can you please let me know what application you are using for the code etc? Just at the first challenge but dont know what program you are using. Thx.

jean reynold says:

Yeap this is Dylan Israel. I recognize the voice

Priyabrata Biswas says:

I’ve written my first blog, hope you will like it

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