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In this JavaScript basics course you will learn everything you need in order to start your journey on becoming a JavaScript developer.

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Imperfectionist Gaming says:

i did all my examples about butts lol

var typebutts = prompt (“What type of butts do you like?”);
var howmany = prompt (“how many butts do you desire”);

document.write(“Hello, As i understand it, You like ” + typebutts + ” butts and you desire ” + howmany + “butts “);

Alexandru Pintilei says:

Hi Robin,what should i do next,after i finished this course? Thank you!

You never know. says:

var visitorAge = prompt(“How old are you?”);

var yearsAlive = parseInt(visitorAge);

var daysAlive = yearsAlive * 365;

document.write(“You have been alive for ” + daysAlive + ” days.”);

Johnny P says:

I breezed through the first challenge nice and easily, so I’m happy that I’m picking up JavaScript nice and quickly now. Thanks for this course, Robin, it’s a pleasure to listen to your tuition! 🙂

Dane Crandon says:


Ashenesti says:

at 40:25 i paused the video and did the challenge in less than 2 mins and came back and continued the course. lol

Manish Harsha Bajracharya says:

thank you so much! do you have tutorial after this? i am really enjoying!

London Fella says:

Thanks for the video.

However, I simply cannot get the webpage to display the js.js file.

Here’s the code, as I have it:

This is our title

This is our paragraph

I’m using Brackets on the Mac, by the way.

Seems like a good, free editor.

Moose AlBoo says:

hi, so after I have typed and saved the text “heloo” on the notepad++ than I open the linked browser and its empty with no text in it? please help?

Dean Lambert says:

the js thing is really confusing

BNTG says:

pro tip for programming

Good luck 🙂

Mark Zikerberg says:

We learned HTML and CSS at school, but we used Js only for extra credit (I don’t know much). So this video is helping a lot. And yes I did the challenge where the website asks my name and age, I also used a little bit more CSS and HTML to make the design look better. It’s getting more fun as I learn. Again, thank you so much, there were many videos but only yours actually teaches it for absolute beginners with the best way. Keep up the good work!

Pritam Rajput says:

Nice video Robin, I have subscribed this and started with my first JS program

Leverquin says:

first letter in variable name should be small

Princess Bere says:

i passed the variable and string test. super easy. thank you

paul boakye says:

nice tutorial but short

Imperfectionist Gaming says:

You’re my hero!! I’m in IT help desk and i want to expand my horizons and learn new technical skills but i never grasped the fundamentals of javascript. Your video has been a shining light for me. Thank You!

guna muthukumar says:

where is the continuation video for this??

Bishop Apps says:

Hi Robin. Thanks for sharing this video. My name is Kash. Im a beginner. So far Im able to write a simple javascript text program and display it in a webpage. It ws a cool experience. My alert was “What is JavaScript?”, and my document.write was the definition. This was my way to remember the definition. I found that when I tried to save the “js.js”, it saves as js.txt. Why? and also my “This is our title that goes here” is not on its on line, its on the line with “this is our javascript being written before anything else”…..and its not bold and large like yours. Why?

Jai Vardhan says:

Hi, Robin. Can you explain what document.getElementById is ?

dekin phaisal says:

haha i really like you started your tutorials

Sky Blue says:

I learn concept for this video . Thanks a lot you share video .

Edward Gil says:

this is for Windows only ?

Ashenesti says:

u are my programming god , this is the best course ever watched the full video thx soo my , and can u tell me which one is the next

Aditya Singh says:

what if i want to give a condition that if it is a string then print this value else print “it is not a valid name”. I know that the name can be anything but in case i want that condition, then how?

Rufaida Adam says:

This helped me ALOT!
really thank you. Wish you could do more videos on JavaScript, I kinda find it heavy to learn and I liked how you put it in a simple way. Thanks for the effort 😀

Beto Galvez says:

Cool, subscribed and book-marked.

shoaib tufail says:

Thanks for post this video .
i am developer in c#. Now i am going to start java script
i hope your this video will help me to understand java script
and if you have more video about this then please
share with me

Dan Rod says:

Excellent! I am actually writing JavaScript, your course was a very good choice to get me started. Thanks a lot!

Sahil Aaron says:

watched the video a couple seconds from the beginning just so I didn’t download the wrong ones before I hit the road and I’m sure it’s safe to say – I’m gonna gain a lot from each second of this vid. Thanks Rob! Subscribed. 🙂

Armando Tacza says:

Thanks for shared experience ! Robin.

Abdul Aziz Baig says:

Nice video bro the topic was so much annoying!!!

The Panda says:

why is it only 15 $. i looked it up with out the link and it was 200$. why would the price go so low?

Attaullah Khan says:

hello dear i wanna learn common java android programming coding course i know i little about HTML but i wanna knows probably about java android coding so please Dear could you show me where we are look for best place thanks

Jael Mwasi says:


Soyeb Ahmed says:

Awesome Robin!!! Please upload some video about jquery learning also. Thanks in advance 🙂

You never know. says:

goes inside the .

Centeri Florin says:

In my opinion : YearsAlive = VisitorsAge * 365;
and var UserNumber is already a why I have to transform an already UserNumber in parseInt?
Very usefull video ,thank’s!

Diana Omollo says:

you are so helpful, thank you so much. I was wondering though what i am doing wrong because i can’t get the statement “this is our javascript…….” to appear at the bottom is it because i didn’t link them right or what? sorry i am just starting to learn how to program

Rishabh Singhal says:

A very helpful video

Kremen Kamen says:

Good job m8! Nice video, good explanation.

Myriam Demaine says:

Hi Robin, I am just starting with JS and love your video so far but unfortunately I’m unable to get the course zip file from the link in your video description. Therefore, I can’t even start the console challenge… Could you please help?

Mansour A says:

Great vid with good explanation!

Edward Gil says:

…..syntax error

monica vinnie says:

Hey Robin, I am a Mac user I have troubles calling my external js file that I have created on the same path and am using to call , I can see my file read as javascript on the same folder , I have created both html and js file on my desktop is that making a difference ? I hope you can help me out -thanks 🙂

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